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Sat Oct 5th BxC Collective Pres: Vytear, Skymall, Divtech, Qancel, Morgantics @ 3577

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BxC Boiz r B4ck

-=sUmmOnIng A spEcIAl gAthErIng=-
Vytear [Occult Research, NM]
Vytear combines expert synthesis with fragmented rhythms to create a singular IDM experience

Skymall [Addict Records]
mangled electronic mastermind with releases on Addict and Schematic labels

Elements of punk and hardcore vs breakcore meet as high intensity digital hardcore

Qancel (fka Tall Timber) [PITT]
hard percussion & squishy electronics


$10 – 9pm
3577 Studios

Come early for MESH: Day Rave techno jams & a discounted entry
Respect the space

Sat Dec 22nd A Night of Heavy Electronics: BxC Solstice Bash @ Brillobox

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Saturday Dec 22nd
the BxC solstice bash

with live sets by
Aggressive computer music.

blasting technoid rhythmus

post industrial hardcore for cyberpunks

melodic drill n bass and futurist idm

and maniac dj selections from

modular generated video by

$5 cover
10PM til 2AM


(and fun!)

Sat Aug 4th Montaux, Dimentia, Machine Girl, 8cylinder + N. Breinich, Cutups @ Cattivo

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Saturday Aug 4th


live sets by

san francisco / oakland
Montaux is the collaborative live project of xanopticon and Dimentia!
Transmitting Insektoid Frequencies for the first time from the bay area to the burgh, these two legendary producers in the US electronic scene have fused together their unique sounds into something entirely new.

katabatic / void tactical / oakland
Grounded in the roots of dark electro, techno, industrial and breakcore, the project is based in hardware production and live performance. Through considered constructs, sounds and rhythms serve as a semblance and set into motion the flux of mental and physical states, exploring the many facets of the mind and unlocking doors of the subconscious.

orange milk / dread collective / nyc – pgh
Manic DIY anime were-beast from the inner circles of hell/
“Who knew that punk, metal, and industrial could juxtapose with vaporwave with such evocative results?? Anything is possible — Machine Girl is living, bleeding proof of that.”

rhinoplex / unmapped north / don’t trust humans / pgh
modular electronic meltdown massive

plus dj sets by

wrecked / bxc

with live projections from

bxc / pgh

46 44th St Pittsburgh
10PM / $10 / 21+

Sat July 28th Speak Onion, Xglare, Plasma Arc, Morgantics @ Rock Room

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Saturday July 28th

BXC presents
a night of futuristic sound design and gnarled rhythms
from four unique voices…

on tour
Speak Onion
Ohm Resistance / nyc
Speak Onion is the long-running electronic music project of Dan Abatemarco from New York City, grafting gnarled bass and grating noise onto maximum density beats. His live performances are energetic, spontaneous, out-of-control efforts to saw the room in half. Speak Onion’s album, Unanswered, is available on 12″ LP and digital from Ohm Resistance.

blueberry recs / nyc
XGLARE (all caps), is Jessee Egan, a Brooklyn-based producer, sound designer and multimedia visual artist. XGLARE balances warped sound design, unearthly atmospheres and experimental rhythms that reject genre boundaries. XGLARE’s debut full-length will be available this summer on 12″ LP and digital from Blueberry Records

plus locals

voder / pgh
Cracked technoid excursions.

cosmic sound / pgh
Disorienting livecoded percussion.

The Rock Room
1054 Herron Ave Pittsburgh
10PM / $5 before 10:30, $10 after / 21+

MIX – Cutups – Opening set from SUMMER TIME BRUISE July 8th 2017

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recording of my opening set from
SUMMER TIME BRUISE bxc summer bash
saturday july 8th 2016

boris x goth trad – deadsong
hex – open source
daed – spunlace
kettel – south lamar
subsonic 808 – untitled 1
pilldriver – apocalypse never
disheveled – mechasimulacria (speak onion remix)
the ghost of 3.13 – the greta malefic
qebrus & qebo – orion
undacova – backstab
cooh & current value – neglfar
ministry – burning inside
merikan – one man’s hell is another man’s paradise
acrnym – owner
carl finlow – atomic level
marcanda- miomlo
synthamesk – wrangler
infekkted – retrospekt
squarepusher – dark steering
lanark artefax – touch absence
aphex twin – windowlicker
tag & forest people – the anvil
electromeca – 202
m.e.s.h. – damaged merc

Gabba-Ghoulies! with Teknoist, Skull Vomit, BitMummy, BlackDaddy

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Friday December 1st
BxC collective brings you
a night of explosive, alien fun with…


live sets by

planet-mu / adnoiseam / murder channel / UK
underground hardcore, heavy bass, broken beats

prspct / murder channel / cock rock disco / LA
breakcore metal fusion and lol-heavy jungle
celebrating is new release on PRSPCT Recordings!

8-bit electronic thrash / PGH

plus dj set from

hardstyle family’s head banger / PGH

and live visuals by

$10 Cover
9PM – 2AM

CATTIVO 146 44th St.
Pittsburgh, PA

A night of breakcore, jungle, hardcore, metal, 8-bit and other wild electronic music.

BxC is a collective of like-minded individuals dedicated to bringing energy, excitement, and diversity to the Pittsburgh scene.
Live acts, new voices, and genre challenging are priorities alongside diverse DJ’ing, and an inclusive atmosphere.
Push the limits, push the boundaries and come bang with us!

More info..
PRSPCT Recordings
Murder Channel
Cock Rock Disco
Ad Noiseam
Bit Mummy
Hardstyle Family

Thu Oct 19thBxC pres RUBY MY DEAR (Love Love FR) Ephen, X!lix, Spednar

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thurs oct 19th
BxC presents

love love / adnoiseam / prspct / toulouse, france
live idm-laced acid and breakcore with melody and punch

plus live sets by local warpers

EPHEN / future body

X!LIX / the studio stereo

dj selections from SPEDNAR
and live animation by NATE CAKE

9PM 21+ $10

4104 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15211

More in Ruby My Dear
Ruby My Dear, aka Julien Chastagnol, is a producer, songwriter and live performer who fuses melodic electronica, IDM and jungle to create a highly inventive and musical brand of breakcore. His tracks mix dream-like atmospheres and haunting melodies with sharp, complex rhythms, to take the listener on a constantly evolving journey through his unique sonic universe.

Julien started his Ruby My Dear project back in 2010 with the release of his DJ Shadow’s “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt” remix, out on his own label, Reconstruction Productions. Now, four years later, he has produced 8 EPs on both Peace Off and Acroplane and 2 full length albums on Ad Noiseam.

Performing live is also a large part of Juliens arsenal. He brings his intricate production to the stage to rework his studio pieces so naturally that it seems effortless. He is captivating and engaging to watch on stage as he blends sonic beauty with live energy.
Notable appearances have been at the Berghain, Glastonbury, Bang Face, Maschinenfest, Fusion Festival and club events in every major city throughout Europe.
In 2014 Julien joined forces with a Toulouse artist, Lisa Chabbert, to shoot a movie “Jitter Room” and has completed a new collaborative EP with Igorrr.

In November 2016 comes a new Ep, Strangers in Paradise, on Prspct Recordings.
► NEWS :
– Podcast on Resident Advisor
– New Ep with Igorrr “Maigre”. Listen here:
– Split with Rotator.
– Jitter Room a breakcore Movie. See it here:
– Dj Shadow remix contest winner
– New Ep “Ballon” out on Kaometry Records December 2015
Fusion Festival, Glastonbury, Berghain, Bang Face, Boomtown, Maschinenfest, Norberg Festival, Riddim
Collision, Freefield Fest…

Fri Sept 15th Cosmic Fest + BxC presents Xanopticon, Acrnym, Disheveled, Morgantics, Tall Timber and Arsonist +

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Friday September 15th
Cosmic Fest + bxc collective

a night of live, intense electronic music
with sets by

Hymen Records / PEACE OFF RECORDS / san francisco
Shattered synths and labyrinthine beats from our wayward wizard,
crawling out of his crypt and to the steel city for the first time in four years!

sublight / Deathsucker Records / london
Breakcore and chiptune alias of callum gun,
set to destroy, never on stun.

thac0 / lowres / bxc / pgh
Modular based Industrial Techno from Greg VanEck .
(Prometheus Burning, Four Pi Movement).

Cosmic Sound / la squadra / pgh
Odd swings, modular beats and broken riddims.

Tall Timber
future body sound / pgh
Funky layered idm and melodic drill and bass

Cosmic Sound / pgh
raucous electronics, manipulated vocals, and her mother tongue of lush digital soundscapes

live video projections by
bxc / pgh

9PM – 2AM

146 44th St,
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

About Cosmic Fest
cosmic fest is a four day long-weekend of both dance and experimental oriented electronic events coordinated by an array local promo crews. the inaugural fest is sept 14-17 2017, in pittsburgh, pa.
full fest event info at

About BxC
bxc collective is a group of friends, artists, music fans and weirdos dedicated to showcasing heavy, boundary pushing live electronic in pittsburgh, pa.

Sat July 8th Summer Time Bruise w/ Fluxion A/D, N.Breinich, 8C, II-Go & Cutups @ Glitter Box

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Sat July 8, 2017
bxc collective summer bash

live electronic music from

Fluxion A/D
(Industrial Detroit, Detroit)
Industrial electro from the humans behind
the Möbius Strip night in Detroit

Nick Breinich
(Bleepsequence, Pittsburgh)
Filthy, full-spectrum techno

(Immigrant Breast Nest, BxC, Pittsburgh)
Livewire metallic noise and breakcore

(Unmapped North, BxC, Pittsburgh)
Solid-state sludge

additional A/V selections from

(Wrecked, BxC, Pittsburgh)
overclocked audio genomes

Nate Cake
Visual Splattercore

$6 cover, all ages
kicking off at 9pm
at Glitter Box Theater (460 Melwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA)

BYOB for 21+

flyer art from
Derek Pegritz

for fans of:
breakcore, industrial, techno, electro, noise, broken beats, dark alleys

Fri May 28th Lateral & BxC Collective Present: Ontal + Duran Duran Duran

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Lateral & BxC Collective Present:

Ontal [DJ]
(Mord Records / Ad Noiseam / Pi Electronics – π) – SERBIA

Duran Duran Duran [LIVE]
(Tigerbeat6 / Cock Rock Disco / Power Vacuum) – BERLIN

Lateral returns with a late night affair featuring a DJ set from Serbia’s Ontal – best described as ‘focusing on the bleakest, blackest apocalyptic techno and grinding mechanoid rhythms’.

Duran Duran Duran joins us courtesy of our friends, BxC Collective. Concocting a malicious blend of Breakcore/IDM/Creepy Techno, DDD’s live set will be a welcome addition to the evening.

Expect an assault of the industrial strains of techno and the darker realms of the dancefloor for this one.

4614 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA
April 28, 2017

11PM / 21+
$5 Before Midnight

BxC presents Dimentia, Speak Onion, Morlox, Devnull + more

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Saturday December 10, 2016
9pm-4am $10
4614 Liberty Ave. (enter from Sapphire)

BxC presents a night of live, original electronic music from

– Dimentia [Oakland, CA]
Active since 2001, this is the primary project of Sean Dimentia who also creates and collaborates under the names Montaux [alongside Xanopticon], Cinkrillian Weight, Kanopic Descent. The project in based in hardware production, live performance, and has roots in dark electro and breakcore. Dimentia has toured both in Europe and the US and has released music with Katabatik, Void Tactical Media, Zhark, Record Label Records, and Cuss Fetish record labels.

– Speak Onion [Queens, NY]
Seething noise, giant deformed beats, and absolutely wrong atmospheres spewed from machines. Speak Onion has releases on Ohm Resistance and Immigrant Breast Nest.

– Morlox [Denver, CO]
Using a blend of hardware, Morlox creates walls of glitched out IDM noise that evolves into haunting melodies and dark rhythms.

– Dev/Null {Boston, MA]
A special DJ set from the brains behind Blog to the Old Skool and 8205 Recordings.

Intense rhythmic noise and broken bass made on modular synths and drum machines. This is the record release party for “Mechasimulacria”, his latest on Thac0 Records.

Modular noise, industrial doom, and splintered sounds. 8cylinder has releases on Unmapped North.

Live visuals from Nate Cake

More information:

Sat Nov 12th Errata//Data featuring BLÆRG, Jeremy Bible, xliv, Morgantics, Spednar, Lojack @ Wood St Gallery

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Cosmic Sound & bXc Collective present:


An immersive mix of live and interactive audio visual experiences. All live hardware and software performances paired with vjs. Music to span power ambience, broken beat, techno, and breakcore.

BLÆRG (MN – Naboa, Bottle Imp Productions):
BLÆRG emerged when Scott Wehman (initially a bassist performing in death, progressive and doom metal bands from ages 15-21), began searching for alternate musical outlets. Following the instructions found in an article entitled “How to Begin Experiments in Electronic Music,” Scott obtained his first pieces of rudimentary equipment via the internet, began his own solo experiment. The freedom he readily embraced utilizing these new tools was found to be refreshing after the inconsistencies and lack of creative liberties found in a band setting. Soon he found that his reach far exceeded the grasp of the meager memory capabilities of his hardware and he enlarged his search radius. This led him to peer-to-peer music sharing which further expanded his scope of musical possibilities by both allowing access to current practitioners of fringe electronic music as well as pirated software with far greater capabilities than 15 year old MIDI hardware. “I became obsessed with this “new,” music (breakcore/idm etc.) and the literally endless possibilities / freedoms it implied. My total fascination with the idea of sampling/manipulation continues to thrive and grow to this day.”

BLÆRG’s fierce determination to unleash this sonic onslaught led to many local Midwest performances (the most numerous of which took place in Detroit Michigan), eastward to New York City and even internationally to Toronto, Canada, Ghent, Belgium and Rotterdam in The Netherlands in 2004. BLÆRG has performed and appeared on compilations alongside a variety of notable artists including Dev/Null and Xanopticon, released a number of albums and EPs and returned to international touring in 2015 (UK, Germany).


Jeremy Bible (OH – experimedia):

Jeremy Bible is an American interdisciplinary artist focused on the intersection of sound and light. Taking cues from his background in field recording and photography, his work occupies a shared space between multi-channel audio-visual installation and compositional practice. Utilizing acousmatic sonic diffusion techniques, Bible strives to construct an environmental experience that is at turns profoundly sensory and beautifully surreal.

Through a fusion of angular electronics and immersive ambience, Bible invites listeners to explore an eco-futurist environment that challenges the established topographies of time and linearity. His sculptural soundtracks range in tone from meditative to jarring, creating a dynamic accompaniment to the visual components of each performance. As long, lingering shots of sweeping landscapes and panoramic vistas merge into one another, Bible’s sound design helps us see these familiar terrestrial forms in a renewed and alien light.

Bible’s works have been presented at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Akron Art Museum and MOCA, as well as numerous other events, galleries and festivals over the course of his 20-year creative activity.

with locals…

New project. Commie anti-authorship textural techno. Shapeless, murky sounds paired with rigidly structured, seamlessly mixed, high-impact percussion. Trust your eyes, but question your allegiances.

MORGANTICS (Cosmic Sound):
Morgan Visnesky has been producing music under the name morgantics for 9 years now, with an influence taken from progressive swung instrumental hip-hop beats and obscure sonic territories. His focus in recent has been footwork experiments with the 80/160 crossover, and live performances utilizing hardware drum machines and an expansive modular synthesizer.

Spednar (Cosmic Sound, La Squadra):
Kevin Bednar, aka Spednar, is a Pittsburgh-based electronic music producer. Utilizing live coding methodologies to push the bounds of polyrhythmic and microtonal compositions and often crossing into found sound territory, his sounds aim to excite both experimental and traditional electronic listeners alike.

Good Dude Lojack (La Squadra/MISC/DME):
Pittsburgh native Luke Starcher, better known in the streets as Lojack, a devil-may-care musician drawing from abstract broken beat, deep house, emotive post-rock and dub techno. His group Smooth Tutors has 7” and 12” vinyl releases on PGH-based label The Harmony Society. He has experience rocking dance floors across the region, with numerous live performances including the VIA Festival and Altered States.

With Interactive visuals and VJ work by:

Short for Nate Cake

Moniker for combined interactive and a/v works of Morgan Visnesky and Kevin Bednar

BYOB – Suggested Donation of $5-10 for traveling guests – Floor 3

Ongoing Ryoji Ikeda installation Data.Matrix will be available for viewing until 8pm on the 2nd level.