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Monthly Archives: June 2015

RADIO – Sat June 13th – DETOUR & CO Radio WRCT 88.3 FM

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I’ll be doing a couple hours on the Detour show this saturday on WRCT. Pulling some wax to spin some jams in the ebm, new body, electro, acid, rave and jungle world, then switching to digital for some more modern selections across the board.

Tune in to WRCT 88.3FM in Pittsburgh, or click one of their streams on http://www.wrct.org/

voices from the lake – dreamscape generation
atilla – ritos funebres
kangding ray – serendipity march
kerridge – GOFD
hecq – nihilum
noisia – incessant
signs – vermin
kela – kosmos
shaddah tuum – merkabah
moresounds – altercations
machinecode – a thousand tales
richard devine – block, variation
the sect – xylem
blanck mass – no lite
hante – the storm
tzusing – 4 floors of whores
rrose – pentagons
future – side effects (dead remix)
maelstrom – genome
le dom – oazis (liar optimix)
korma – orlog (liar optimix)
zola jesus – go (blank sea) [xanopticon remix] (vinyl)
cti – future shock (chris carter, cosey fanni tutti, monte cazazza)
m500 – future (instrumental)
cyberkatif – temper (extended mix)
bigod20 – body to body
minstry – nature of outtakes
skinny puppy – testure 12″ mix
doubting thomas – father don’t cry
alden tyrell – disco lundar module (remix)
the hedgehog affair – second rush
criminal minds – baptized by dub
dj red alert + mike slammer – master dub
interface – toytown ep B1
dj seduction – come on
the house crew – nino’s dream
eq – total xtacy
krome & time – the slammer
ilsa gold – silke (space cube remix)

MIX – Cutups – ILLUSIONS IX [2013]

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ILLUSIONS IX – Halloween 2013 edition

I intend to make a “halloween” mix every year, but this year I finally got the timing right.
Dedicated to the things that keep me up all night.

If you’re in pittsburgh, check out our halloween night event:

abelcain – canto v
black swan – part viii
lustmord – grigori
svarte greiner – last light
treachery – inception
the haxan cloak – excavation (part 2)
gesaffelstein – opr
vector sector – the zeta city slasher
psyche – the saint became a lush
tropic of cancer – court of devotion
river bones – apatride
blvck ceiling – the devil rides out
gatekeeper – optimus maximus
skinny puppy – deadlines (400 blows remix)
brotman & short – white gloves
pendle coven – exigen
aftermath – doomsday
halfmassed x reptilian – lone
sidewalks & skeletons – future ghosts
ex-machina – night of the rottweiler iv (main theme)
silent servant – utopian disaster (end)
bombardier – leviathan
necro deathmort – kingdom
solve – svovel
these hidden hands – diesel
djdedjotronic – abyssal zone
special request – ride (special request remix)
blvck – sanctuary
machine code – the shadow
headphone activist – the last of us
strange vip – funeral at skyland mountain
strange vip – when i die
juliana barwick – labyrinthine
m83 – car chase terror

MIX – Cutups – Terminal Atrocity [2015]

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60 min mix of splatterbreaks, breakcore, braindance, acid and rave

mixed out of my crates from the excellent ULTRA MEGA AWESOME EXTREME 8

zola jesus – go (blank_sea) [xanopticon_rmx] broken haze – wizard eyes vip
squarepusher – stor eiglass
daed – rectrec4
monster x – cantor dust remix
paul cronin – hold it
pzg & dubsknit – forced mass
goreshit – ring trapper
danecdote – slugasalt
objekt – ganzfield
glass figure – cold eyes
hostage – sudden death
techdiff – positronic meltdown
reizoko cj – micro
sudanim – pleasure flood (amotion remix)
xyqph – ascend!
igorr & ruby my dear – cuisse
babyshaker – mosquito
morihiro – angry-girl
maruosa – muur
coprolalia intoxication – bonjour tristesse
gizmode – snaregasm
charly linch – puttin back the cock in drum & bass
satan – i will destroy
aphex twin – minipops 67 [source field mix] umio – high viscosity chocolate
rotteen – vectleggendaria