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Strawberry “Fruitie”

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I recently had the idea to make a brownie but replace the cocoa with freeze dried fruit powder. Introducing…the Fruitie. I started with this recipe, replacing the cocoa powder with…


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ILLUSIONS XIX“ICHOR ABYSS” Nineteen mix in the #ILLUSIONS mix series,Recorded for Halloween 2020mixed by cutups the forgotten signal from an ichor abyss More–e3YSsMhiJO3SOmtA Tracklist:dream division – illusiondeath qualia – muzzle phenomenaslasher…

Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Boseman 2020

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Took a week long camping and adventure trip to the wilds of Montana and Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, with a dip into Boseman MT. It was…

Cheffin’ Summer ’20

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Some things I cooked in summer 2020