Show & Event List

Events and shows that I performed at, curated or helped throw.
I’ll try to link flyers or event postings for notable ones.

For a constantly updated list, visit my curated event site http://arcane.city


6/28 LAZERCRUNK w/ Om Unit @ Club Pittsburgh #bass
5/17 NIXTROVE, M27, 8Cylinder, Uninstall Mods, Treebug @ Brillobox #breakcore #jungle #idm #live
5/2  WING TINGS dj sets by cosmic drip, cutups, keebs @ Spirit
4/25 CONTINUUM INVASION live electronics + cutups djing @ Carnegie Free Library
4/20 OUR HOUSE pop-up w/ djs tboink, govname, namira, cutups, keebs @ Highline
4/17 KILL ALTERS, MURDERPACT, KFC MC, Five Star Hotel, Woody, Cutups @ Club Pittsburgh
3/15 LAZERCRUNK w/ Jon1st @ Brillobox #bass #jungle #footwork #turntablism


10/31 2Step Tues Halloween w/ Cutups & Keebs + @ Tiki Lounge #ukg #grime #bass
10/21 LAZERCRUNK + ASC + ROOTS SESSIONS present VON:D @ The Bridge #dubstep
10/21 ELECTRONIC MUSIC RECORD FAIR @ Seafoam w/ Cutups + vendors #idm #vinyl
10/7 REDHAT, Purity Control, Glitterthroat, Gladiolus, Seanni B @ Rock Room #bxc #cleanertapes #breakcore
9/30 GOD FACTORY w/ Needlemother, Cutups @ Brillobox #industrial #synthwave #techno
9/29 LAZERCRUNK w/ SAM BINGA @ Cobra w/ Cutups, Keebs #bass #ukg #jungle
9/6 MISOPHONIA trans-industrial-noise-night w/ Dani Rev, Akafae, Coi_n, Woody, Cutups, 8Cylinder + @ Club Pittsburgh #breakcore #noise #industrial #electronic
9/4 LABOR DAY FUZZ at Four Points Brewing w/ Keebs, Ninja Papes, SubQ, Oura, Cutups #drumandbass #jungle
9/1 SYNTH•POP “STRANGEWAYS” at Mixtape UNBLURRED w/ Cutups #80s #newwave #synthpop
8/5 BOILING POINT @ Squirrel Hill Sports Bar w/ Cutups, Keebs + #bass #jungle #footwork
7/2 FUZZ! at Four Points Brewing w/ Keebs, Ninja Papes, SubQ, Oura, Cutups #drumandbass #jungle
7/1 HIGHLINE REMIXED w/ Cutups, Keebs, Rojaus + @ Highline $0 #bass #electronic #house #disco
6/10 LAZERCRUNK 15 Yrs w/ DJ Madd @ Brillobox w/ Cutups, Keebs #bass #dubstep #drum and bass #footwork
5/26 RANCHCORE RODEO w/ Lil Kevo 303, 8Cylinder, Cutups, Tizzy Raggamuffs #hardcore #breakcore
5/20 RAVE REUNION BBQ at the North Park Skating Rink #rave
4/21 ☾ KiLLiNG MOON ☾ 8os Darkwave Dance Party at Mixtape w/ Cutups, Erica Scary #80s #Goth #Post-punk #Synth-pop
4/1  DEATH QUALIA w/ Seaclones, C. Robo, Heather Harper, 8Cylinder + @ Collision #bxc #flashcore #hardcore #electronic #livecode
3/21 =3AM ETERNAL= 9os Eurotrash Dance Party at Mixtape w/Cutups, Ez Lou #eurodance #house #technopop
2/15 LAZERCRUNK w/ MADAM X (UK), Cutups & Keebs @ Brillobox $20 #bass #dubstep #grime #electronic
2/18 ROOTS SESSIONS reggae to jungle w/ Rankin Franklin, High Pressure, Cutups at 10.7 Marina $0 #roots #reggae #ragga #jungle


11/11 YE GODS (L.I.E.S.), Lilac/Web, Plasma Arc, Qancel at Collision $10 #breakcore #idm #industrial #techno
10/21 LAZERCRUNK w/ JON1ST (UK), Cutups & Keebs at Brillobox $15 #bass #dubstep #footwork #jungle #trap
09/27 2STEP Tuesdays with Sinhaus (Boston) feat. Cutups at Tiki Lounge $0 #bass #uk garage
06/24 LAZERCRUNK w/ Glo Phase (100% Silk, LA), Cutups & Keebs at Brillobox $10 #bass #dubstep #electro #electronic #footwork
06/11 COBRA TAKEOVER w/ CUTUPS (DJ) and KEEBS (VJ) at Cobra #bass #dubstep #electronic #indie dance #rave
05/31 2ST Presents: 412DNB Takeover Night at Tiki Lounge #drum and bass #electronic #jungle
04/14 ADULT. at Spirit Hall w/ Kontravoid and Spike Hellis at Spirit $16 #darkwave #industrial #punk #synthpop
03/12 Evolution March 2022 at Cattivo $5 #ebm #goth #post-punk #synthpop
02/19 LAZERCRUNK presents ADDISON GROOVE (UK) at Spirit $15 #bass #club music #dubstep #electronic #footwork
02/05 Evolution February 2022 at Cattivo $5 #darkwave #deathrock #post-punk #synthpop
01/08 Evolution January 2022 at Cattivo $5 #darkwave #deathrock #goth #post-punk #synthpop


12/11/21 EVOLUTION @ Cattivo
11/26/21 HABITAT w/ Cutups + Dr Goo @ B-Side in Cleveland
11/13/21 EVOLUTION @ Cattivo
9/21/21 2STEP TUES @ Tiki Lounge
8/27/21 LILLAC/WEB, ETHER, 1980 Special Twin, Cutups @ Collision
7/31/31 MASK OFF lazercrunk’s free picnic party with djs + food @ Riverview Park
6/26/21 INDUSTRIAL DETROIT stream @ Online


2/7/20  LAZERCRUNK w/ Roska @ Brillobox
2/21/20 REVIBE rave @ The Green Room
4/25/20 LAZERCRUNK Virtual Purp Stream @ Online
Fall PUZZLE PATH #2: The Apocalypse
Summer PUZZLE PATH #1: Covid Cure @ Southside Trail


12/31/19 NYETEQNO 2020 VISION @ Brillobox
12/20/19 TINA’S HOLIDAY POPUP w/ Cutups @ Tina’s Holiday Bar Downtown
12/3/19  2STEP TUES 2/ Cutups @ Tiki Lounge
11/29/19 WIGGIN AHT 3 w/ Tom Brown, Machine Girl (DJ), Cutups, Keebs @ Spirit
10/31/19 HALLOWEEN w/ Sorsari x Mrkryl, Five Star Hotel, Ky Voss, Cutups  @ Brillobox
10/12/19 BOY HARSHER w/ Spellling, W00dy, Cutups @ 3577
10/4/19  N-Type, Joe Nice, Cutups @ Cattivo
9/21/19  BREAKROOM pop up
9/14/19 HIDE, Anatomy, Black Leather Jesus, Cutups @ 3577
9/12/19 MINNESOTA, Pigeon Hole, Cutups & Keeb$ @ Roxian
8/9/19  LAZERCRINK w/ DEADCROW, Cutups & Keeb$ @ Brillobox
6/29/19  LAZERCRINK w/ SAM BINGA, Mr.Yuk, Cutups & Keeb$ @ Spirit
6/15/19  LEVEL UP video game themed night w/ Cutups & Keeb$ @ Forbes Ave Pop Up Bar
5/17/19 ARCADE HIGH, NITE, Ghost Twin, Cutups @ Cattivo
5/10/19  LAZERCRUNK w/ Distance, Cutups, Keeb$ @ Brillobox
4/27/19 INDUSTRIAL DETROIT all nighter @ Eastern Market warehouse
4/19/19 Machine Girl, No Eyes, Woody, Five Star Hotel, Cutups @ 3577
4/12/19 Adult, Void Vision, Wisteria, Cutups @ Spirit
3/24/19 Betamaxx, 6th Circle, Korine, Child of Night, Cutups @ Brillobox
2/16/19 HOT MASS w/ Cutups, Morgantics, Spednar @ Club Pgh
2/15/19 Valentine’s Pudding Wrestling Massacre 10th Anny @ Spirit
2/8/19  LAZERCRUNK w/ Hypho @ Brillobox
2/2/19  Twin Peaks Night @ Spring Hill Brewing
1/10/19 COVEN dark dance w/ Cutups + Resonate @ Belvederes


12/15/18 CONTAINER w/ Conduit, Cloning, Choir, Cutups @ 3577
12/6/18 COVEN w/ Fluxion AD, Cutups @ Belvederes
12/5/18 PENUMBRA w/ Dave Owen, Cutups @ New Amsterdam
11/23/18 WIGGIN AHT w/ Cutups, Keebs, Tom Brown
11/9/18 LAZERCRUNK w/ Noah B (NYC) @ Brillobox
11/1/18 COVEN w/ Cutups @ Belvederes
10/27/18 LIL UGLY MANE w/ No Warning, Heemi, Unreal City, Cutups @ Roboto
10/25/18 LAZERCRUNK “Tales from the VAULT” w/ Glophase, Naeem, Keebs, Cutups @ Spirit
10/11/18  COVEN w/ Cutups @ Belvederes
9/22/19  DARK ROOMS (LA) w/ Slowdanger, Good Sport, Cutups @ Spirit
9/21/18 LAZERCRUNK w/ Slappers + Bangers, Cutups, Keebs @ Belvederes
9/6/18 COVEN w/ Timeghost (NY), Formosa, Cutups @ Belvederes
8/10/18 LAZERCRUNK w/ Break (UK), Cutups, Keebs @ Brillobox
8/4/18 Montaux, Dimentia, Machine Girl, 8Cylinder, N. Breinich, Cutups @ Cattivo
7/5/18 COVEN w/ Cutups, Mike Masai @ Belvederes
6/21/18 COVEN w/ Cutups @ Belvederes
6/8/18 LAZERCRUNK w/ Shiftee (NYC) @ Belvederes
5/17/18 COVEN w/ Cutups @ Belvederes
5/11/18 LAZERCRUNK w/ N-Type (UK) @ Brillobox
4/21/18 EVOLUTION @ Cattivo
3/23/18 Feel Good Fridays w/ Dan Dabber, Cutups, Keebs @ Scenario
3/22/18 COVEN w/ Cutups @ Belvederes
3/9/18 LAZERCRUNK *VHS PARTY w/ Moemaw Naedon @ Belvederes
2/27/18 ADULT w/ Hide, Cutups @ Brillobox
2/9/18 LAZERCRUNK w/ Iamusick, JFTF, Cutups, Keebs @ Brillobox
2/6/18 2Step Tues w/ Cutups @ Tiki Lounge
1/25/18 COVEN w/ Cutups @ Belvederes


1/31/17 HELLO 2018 / GoodbyeTara w/ T&A, DZ, Cutups @ Remedy
12/9/17 LAZERCRUNK *Roots & Future* w/ SMI, Cutups, Keebs @ Belvederes
10/25/17 Dance with the Dead, Gost, Cutups @ Spirit
10/21/17 Tainted Love w/ Betamaxx, Troxum, Take Me With You, A Grey, Cutups @ Spirit
10/19/17 RUBY MY DEAR (FR), Ephen, X!lix, Spednar @ Brillobox
10/13/17 LAZERCRUNK w/ Loefah (UK), Cutups, Keebs @ Spirit
10/3/17 PERTURBATOR w/ Arcade High, Cutups @ Spirit
9/8/17 LAZERCRUNK w/ J-Heat (Jersey), Cutups, Keebs @ Belvederes
8/18/17 Bastiengoat, 0h85, Cutups, Spednar @ Cosmic HQ
8/11/17 LAZERCRUNK w/ Dj Lesson, Diamo, Julie Mallis, Cutups, Keebs @ Brillobox
7/29/17 RJD2 w/ Cutups, Keebs, Petey C, Bamboo @ Mr Smalls
7/8/17 SUMMER TIME BRUISE w/ FluxionAD, N. Breinich, 8Cylinder, II-GO-Cutups @ Glitterbox
7/6/17 You Are Now Entering the Twilight Zone audio-re-scoring episodes w/ James + Todd @ Spirit
6/29/17 BLACKTOP w/ 0h85, Keebs, Spednar, Cutups @ Smiling Moose
6/9/17 LAZERCRUNK w/ Yamez (NYC) @ Belvederes
6/2/17 DOM & ROLAND w/ Sine, Cutups, Keebs, Witness @ Spirit
5/28/17 TEAMSWOOP afterparty @ Trixies Bar in Detroit
5/12/17 LAZERCRUNK w/ Jason Burns (PDX) @ Brillobox
4/24/17 IN THE WEEDS w/ Cutups @ Ace Hotel
3/10/17 LAZERCRUNK w/ Slick Shoota (Teklife) @ Brillobox
3/2/17 SHADES + IVY LAB w/ Cutups, Keebs @ Spirit
2/10/17 LAZERCRUNK w/ Kastle (LA), Babyteeth, Cutups, Keebs @ Belvederes
1/18/17 XENO & OAKLANDER w/ Choir, Cloning, Cutups @ Brillobox


12/27 2 Step Tuesdays – w. Cutups! at Tiki Lounge $0 #uk garage
12/23 MERRY Lit-Mas at Belvederes $5 #bass #club music #hip hop #trap
12/09 Lazercrunk *Time Travel Party* w/ Dev/null, Cutups & Keeb$ at Brillobox $5 #bass #footwork #hip hop #rave
12/06 PSYCHIC TWIN, Bring Her, dj Cutups at Brillobox $10 #pop #witch house
11/23 FUZZ – Thanksgiving Eve – “One More FUZZ” at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern $2 #drum and bass
11/11 LAZERCRUNK with Glo Phase, Cutups & Keebs at Brillobox $5 #anything goes #bass #footwork #hip hop
10/29 Spirit’s Psychedelic Creep Show Vault & 3D Lazer Lodge Shindig at Spirit $15 #bass #halloween #punk #rock #world music
10/21 ANTONI MAOIVVI [Giallo Disco, Bristol], Variar, Morpheus Laughing, Cutups at Spirit $7 #italo disco #synthwave #witch house
10/15 LAZERCRUNK *Cookie Table Party* w/ Void (Pgh), Cutups & Keeb$ at Brillobox $5 #dubstep #grime #trap #uk garage
09/22 Blacktop w/ Cutups & 0h85 at Goldmark $0 #footwork #jungle
09/09 LazerCrunk w/ Distal (Seatle – Hot Mom USA) at Brillobox $7 #bass #club music #dubstep #footwork
09/02 Liminal RUSH w/ Enduser, Divtech, Decide Today + at Belvederes $10 #breakcore #drum and bass #experimental #hardcore #idm
08/21 412DNBBQ – FUZZ D&B Family Picnic $0 #drum and bass #jungle #outdoors
08/12 Lazercrunk w/ Arie Cole (Slappers & Bangers) at Brillobox $5 #bass #electronic #footwork #hip hop #r&b
07/29 Pokemon Go and Chill? at Cruze Bar $4 #edm #electro
07/02 LAZERCRUNK with Ticklish (Berlin) at Brillobox $5 #bass #footwork #hip hop #trap
06/27 IN THE WEEDS: Vinyl Curator Night w/ Cutups at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh $0 #downtempo #drum and bass #indie dance
06/16 Crash Course In Science . Interface 2037 . Cloning at Brillobox $10 #ebm #experimental #minimal wave #synth-pop #techno
06/10 Lazercrunk 8th B-day with XXXY (Berlin) at Brillobox $10 #acid #bass #club music #footwork #hip hop
06/09 Centrifuge Thursdays presents 412DNB Takeover at Mr. Smalls $0 #drum and bass
05/13 LAZERCRUNK *Wiggin Aht* w/ Spednar, Keeb$ & Cutups at Brillobox $5 #bass #electronic #footwork #hip hop #trap
05/02 Cosmic Mondays – Cutups guest mix $0 #internet radio
04/26 2-Step Tuesdays w/ Cutups at Tiki Lounge $0 #uk garage
04/08 LAZERCRUNK w/ Dicey at Brillobox $5 #anything goes #bass #hip hop #techno #trap
04/04 High-Functioning Flesh (LA), Body of Light, Reinforced and Alex Price at Belvederes $7 #industrial #techno #ebm #synth-pop
04/02 Voodoo w/ Cutups, Luciana & Ashton Michael at Cruze Bar $7 #fetish #goth #industrial
03/12 FLUXION A/D, Requiem, Dissheveled, Gnarled Horse Throat and dj sets from Naeem and visuals by Spednar at Brillobox $5 #techno #modular synth #industrial #breakcore #live sets
03/11 LAZERCRUNK with Traxman (Chicago) at Brillobox $10 #footwork
02/27 Totally Underground (90s throwback party) at Club 1740 $20 #techno #rave
02/12 LAZERCRUNK with Hatcha (UK) at Brillobox $10 #dubstep
01/28 NIGHT WARP at Spirit $3 #deathrock #electronic #experimental #industrial
01/08 LAZERCRUNK with 0H85 (pgh) at Brillobox $5 #footwork


1/29/15 DARKWAVE w/ Ez Lou & Cutups at Gus’s
1/17/15 FAZE d&b night w/ Absolut, Cutups, JTS at Eclipse
1/9/15 LAZERCRUNCH Cereal Party w/ Cutups, Keebs & Kate Boss @ Brillobox


12/31/14 2015 IS REAL at Cantina
12/12/14 LAZERCRUNK w/ Spankrock at brillobox
11/29/14 ANDY C w/ Cutups, Keeb$, Witness, Mr Fox at The Rex
11/21/14 GET WEIRD w/ Cutups, Discrepenc & Adam C at belvederes
11/14/14 LAZERCRUNK at brillobox
11/3/14 TIMEGHOST + Bernard Herman, Simpatico Ripens, Joey Molinaro, Cutups at The Bunker Project
10/31/14 OBVIOUS halloween w/ FUZZ crew at Belvederes Ultra-Dive
10/16/14 Darkwave night at Gus’s Cafe
10/13/14 OK, GO w/ Cutups & Keeb$ at Mr Smalls Theater All Ages
10/10/14 LAZERCRUNK w/ Distal bass & fwd dance music at Brillobox 21+ $6
9/16/14 BRAINSTORM idm/leftfield/d&b at Gus’s 21+ free
9/12/14 LAZERCRUNK HxdB (Vancouver) @ Brillobox 21+
8/15/14 LAZERCRUNK SHARK WEEK w/ Cutups & Keeb$ @ Brillobox 21+
7/31/14 DARKWAVE darkwave/deathrock/goth at Gus’s 21+ free
7/2714 ILLUSIONS Dark Entries Showcase w/ Bezier, RedRedRed, Max + Mara, Cutups & Tella @ Brillobox
7/11/14 LAZERCRUNK Headphone Activist (PGH) @ Brillobox 21+
6/20/14 GET WEIRD w/ Discrepncy, Cucitroa & Cutups @ Belvederes 21+
6/5/14 Darkwave night darkwave/deathrock/goth at Gus’s 21+ free Show setlist

6/13/14 LAZERCRUNK 6TH ANNY w/ SHIFTEE (NYC) @ Brillobox 21+
5/9/14 LAZERCRUNK ADVENTURE TIME PARTY w/ Cutups & Keeb$ @ Brillobox 21+
4/18/14 DIVTECH & DECIDE TODAY w/ 8Cylinder & Cutups @ The Rock Room 21+ $5
4/11/14 LAZERCRUNK w/ JAW JAM (Tuff Wax, OH) @ Brillobox 21+
3/14/14 LAZERCRUNK w/ IKONIKA (Hyperdub, UK) @ Brillobox 21+
2/14/14 LAZERCRUNK AUDIO 001 Release w/ Le Moti & Beedie @ Brillobox 21+ #bass
1/29/24 FUZZ finale party w/ 412dnb crew @ brillobox
1/15/14 FUZZ w/ Kirby & Cutups @ BBT 21+ #drum-and-bass
1/10/14 LAZERCRUNK w/ Mr. Dug @ Brillobox 21+ #bass


12/27/13 OBVIOUS w/ Cutups @ Belvederes
12/13/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ KINGDOM (fade to mind, LA)
12/4/13 FUZZ w/ Cutups @ BBT #jungle
11/17/13 Mimosa w/ Cutups & Keebs @ The Rex
11/15/13 STACKIN PAPER w/ Kaytranada, Jerome LOL, Groundislaval @ Belvederes 21+ $10
11/8/13 LAZERCRUNK SELFIE PARTY w/ Rsk, Hank D, Bamboo
10/14/13 NOISIA w/ Brickmouth, RSK, Cutups & Keebs @ The Rex
10/11/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ DRUID CLOAK (Symbols / Columbus OH)
9/15/13 ILLUSIONS w/ Youth Code & Night Sins @ Brillobox
9/14/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ Cutups & Keebs @ Brillobox
9/13/13 PHYSICAL w/ Sinistar, Cutups & Keebs @ Touch Supper Club Cleveland
8/30/13 ILLUSIONS w/ Soft Metals, Troxum, Cutups, Tella, Vaneck @ Brillobox (Dave Chappel showed up too)
8/18/13 MEAT & POTATOES brunch dj w/ cutups
8/9/13 STACKIN PAPER w/ Myrryrs (PHX) @ Belvederes
7/19/13 BEASTIAL MOUTHS w/ WMX, Mind Tiger @ Garfield Artworks
7/17/13 FUZZ w/ Friske w/ Cutups @ BBT
7/12/13 LAZERCRUNK COMPUTER PARTY w/ Cutups & Keeb$
7/5/13 TRASH NIGHT w/ Cheezface/Skull Vomit/Cerebral Apophysis/Bit Mummy/Forced @ Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
6/14/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ STARKEY (Seclusiass, Philly)
5/28/13 oOoOO w/ Son of David, Xyu, Cutups @ 6119
5/10/13 LAZERCRUNK Pizza Party w/ Le Moti (Street Ritual, Pgh)
5/2/13 80s Night w/ Cutups & Paul Fleetwood @ Belvederes
4/11/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ Bombe & Battle Axe Baby (Pagan Disco, Philly)
3/21/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ HxDb (Hot & Heavy, Vancouver)
3/16/13 ILLUSIONS w/ Majeure & Hexweapon @ Brillobox 21+
2/16/13 HOT MASS 2/14/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ DISTAL (T&B, Atlanta)
1/10/13 LAZERCRUNK w/ Cutups & Keeb$ kicking off 2013


12/31/12 NYYE w/ Mike Q & Brenmar @ 6119
12/15/12 OMNIDIRECTIONAL CORRUPTION w/ Baseck in Eastern Market Loft, Detroit
12/13/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ MANIKAN (seclusias, alt)
12/8/12 MONSTER X w/ Xanopticon, WMX, Dimentia, + + San Francisco #
11/24/12 ILLUSIONS w/ Fogged Out, Ed Um, Vaneck, Tella & Cutups & Keebs @ Brillobox
11/23/12 Kastle w/ Buku, Cutups & Keebs @ Belvederes
11/8/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ James Gyre & Mr Hamilton (Pgh)
10/26/12 Grenier w/ Mr Owl & Sean Kirby @ 6119
10/19/12 LAZERCRUNK w/DEATHFACE (t&b, nyc)
10/10/12 FUZZ! w/ Baily (UK) + Cutups @ BBT
9/26/12 FUZZ! w/ Artificial Intelligence @ BBT
9/22/12 FRED FALKE w/ PTA, Cutups & Keeb$ @ 6119
9/13/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ RIZZLA (fade to mind, boston)
8/17/12 90s Night w/ Cutups @ Belvederes #90s
8/2/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ SINJIN HAWKE & Zora Jones (Spain)
7/20/12 BBB w/ Cutups @ Winghartz Carson st
7/3/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ DEV79 (Seclusiasis, Philly) – LC 4th of July Party
6/18/12 Balam Acab w/ Shisa, Cutups @ the Beach House
6/13/12 PUDDING MASSACRE pudding wrestling battle @ Belvederes
6/7/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ EPROM (sf) & Clicks & Whistles (NC) – 4th BDAY!
5/10/12 BRAINSTORM idm/braindance w/ Cutups & Keebs @ Z-Lounge
5/5/12 ILLUSIONS dark sounds w/ Cutups, Vaneck, Tella @ Cattivo
5/2/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ Local & Diabolik Logic (pgh)
4/7/12 ILLUSIONS w/ Metria, Trogpite, Cutups, Tella, Vaneck @ Cattivo
4/5/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ LETHAL WEAPONS (Yamez + Cobra Krames)
3/10/12 OUT OF ORDER w/ Jason Burns, Vasculator, Mr Hamilton, Cutups @ Belvederes #
3/3/12 ILLUSIONS w/ Funerals, Arvin Clay, Cutups, Tella, Vaneck @ Cattivo
3/1/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ WHEEZ-IE (Well-Rounded, Boston) #
2/2/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ Thunder St. Claire (Cle) & Tracksploitation (Pgh)
1/7/12 ILLUSIONS w/ Teeel, DJ HatesYou, Cutups, Tella & Vaneck @ Cattivo
1/5/12 LAZERCRUNK w/ LC2011 Mashup w/ Cutups & Keeb$

12/31/11 SHINY SHINY nye w/ GetWeird & EarthlyDelights crews
12/3/11 ILLUSIONS w/ Paul Fleetwood dark sounds @ Cattivo 21+
12/1/11 LAZERCRUNK w/ B. BRAVO (Frite Nite, SF)
10/27/11 ILLUSIONS w/ RITUALZ (Mexico City), Cutups, Tella, Vaneck @ Brillobox
9/29/11 LAZERCRUNK w/ Dr Edwyn and Jx4 (PGH)
9/21/11 FUZZ! w. SPY 9/16/11 HYDRA many performers @ Mexico City
9/3/11 ILLUSIONS w/ Ed Umm, Cutups, Tella, Vaneck @ Cattivo
9/1/11 LAZERCRUNK w/ Cosmic Revenge (Frite Nite, SF)
8/13/11 LAZERCRUNK w/ Still Life (BASED, Cleveland)
7/26/11 Gatekeeper, Pictureplane, Teengirlfantasy, Majeure w/ Cutups @ Belvederes
7/15/11 Headbangers Ball w/ Lenny Dee, Cutups @ LV Moose
7/7/11 Nasty Nasty, Salva w/ Cutups & Keebs @ The Rex
7/3/11 LAZERCRUNK: FUCK YEAH! w/ Chrissy Murderbot (PlanetMu, Chicago)
6/8/11 Martial Canterell w/ Analog Pleasure Model, Limited Resources, Cutups @ Brillobox
5/20/11 The Last Party Before The Rapture w/ Dimentia, 8Cylinder, Xanopticon, Heartworm, Spit Horizon, WMX, Intoner, Cutups @ Oakland CA
5/4/11 From The Asches w/ Asche, Prometheus Burning, Analog Pleasure Model, Cutups @ Brillobox
4/14/11 CAPTAIN AHAB w/ Syphilis Sauna, Comic Strips & Cutups @ The Shop
4/9/11 APPLEBLIM (UK) w/ Sight Unseen, Cutups @ LV Moose
4/7/11 LAZERCRUNK w/ MOCHIPET (DalyCity, SF)
4/6/11 FUZZ w/ Total Science w/ SubQ @ BBT
3/10/11 Freq Nasty, Marty Party, Opiuo w/ Cutups & Keebs @ The Rex
3/9/11 On Ra @ BBT
3/2/11 FUZZ w/ Gridlock (LA) @ BBT
2/3/11 LAZERCRUNK w/ UDACHI (Nightshifters / PartyLikeUs NYC)
1/28/11 PAGAN DISCO w/ Cutups & Keebs + Bombe, Battleaxebaby @ Medusas
1/6/11 LAZERCRUNK w/ B.RICH (Party Like Us, PGH)

12/16/10 Joe Nice w/ Cutups, Keebs, Chup @ Mexico City
12/11/10 EUSTACIAN, Cheezeface, Dissheveled, Xanopticon @ The Shop
12/5/10 LAZERCRUNK w/ FREDDY TODD (Simplify – Detroit)
11/9/10 Das Racist w/ Mrs. Paintbrush, Selecta, Cutups @ The Shop
11/5/10 Broken Note w/ Deadlines, Bit Mummy, Robbie Rockso @ Belvederes
11/4/10 LAZERCRUNK w/ Victor Hugonot & Noetic5000
10/31/10 CMU Halloween w/ Switch (UK) at Rangos Ballroom
10/30/10 EVALINE HALLOWEEN w/ Cutups & Keeb$ + insane space design
10/22/10 GRAND GUGINOL halloween at the new hazlett w/ dave bernabo, assembly, tm eye, sharon needles, cutups @ New Hazlette Theater
10/9/10 Xanopticon, Syphilis Sauna, Dissheveled, 8Cylinder, Vasculator, Cutups @ Z-Lounge
10/7/10 LAZERCRUNK w/ DUBBEL DUTCH (Palms Out – Austin) @ Brillobox
9/23/10 DESIGNER DRUGS w/ Cutups & Keebs @ the Rex
9/11/10 GLITCH MOB w/ Cutups & Keebs @ The Rex
9/3/10 Duran Duran Duran, Xanopticon, Dev/Null, Cutups @ Remedy
8/13/10 SCUBA vs SCB w/ Cutups @ LV Moose
8/11/10 FUZZ w/ Seba (Sw) @ BBT
7/30/10 BURNING CHROME industrial/noise party jams one off @ Z-Lounge
7/28/10 FUZZ w/ Breakage + Cutups @ BBT
7/23/10 Get Weird w/ Cutups @ Remedy
7/16/10 Christmas In July rave w/ cutups & Keebs
7/15/10 HOT MESS lipsync / danceparty @ Brillobox
7/14/10 FUZZ w/ Invaderz & Kastle @ BBT
7/1/10 LAZERCOLA w/ Rx (Pfunkt) & Kid Cassady
6/16/10 FUZZ w/ Sinistarr w/ Brian Bullets & Cutups @ BBT
6/10/10 BRAINSTORM idm/braindance w/ Cutups & Keeb$ @ Z-Lounge
3/17/10 FUZZ w/ Cutups
3/9/10 BODIES danceparty @ Remedy
2/19/10 LAZERCRUNK w/ KANJI KINETIC (UK) w/ Ekofield + DJs @ Brillobox
2/4/10 LAZERCRUNK w/ TIGHTEN UP (Houston & Illy MC) – DC/Philly
1/22/10 DJ Logic genre busting hiphop. cutups and keeb$ opening. The Rex in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $15
1/7/10 LAZERCRUNK w/ Girltalk & Hears of Darknesses. cutups and keeb$ spin mashup, electro, crunk, rave and other fun styles Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 1PM $5

12/19/09 SHAME ON THE MISSLE TOAD anything goes dance party w/ T&A & Cutups @ Brillobox
11/5/09 LAZERCRUNK w/ B.RICH (Party Like Us – Pgh!)
10/31/09 3D Thriller rave w/ Doverspike, Rukkus, Cutups tagteam etc. @ The Irish Center
10/1/09 LAZERCRUNK w/ DEV79 (Seclusiasis – Street Bass – Philly)
9/23/09 FUZZ w/ N-Type @ BBT
9/19/09 FULLHOUSEDIVISION w/ Mary Anne Hobbes, Cutups & Keebs, + @ The Shadow Lounge
9/12/09 SICKBOY, Droon, Vasculator, Simon Slum, Nake Cake @ Kopecs
9/4/09 SCHIZOPHRENIA 4 day 1 in detroit
9/3/09 LAZERCRUNK w/ EMYND (Philly, crossfadedbacon.com)
8/21/09 ANAMANIGUCHI (chiptunes/up-tempo fun) plus Professor Purple, Sneaky Mike, Hot Mess and dj Cutups Belvederes in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $7
8/20/09 Cale Parks (live drums & electronics) Cale Parks of Aloha and Lemonade (NY) plus djs Cutups, Kristen and A Grey play post punk, new disco and party jams.Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
8/13/09 BRAINSTORM forward thinking electronics with resident Keeb$ plus guests Cutups & Psyberdyne Systems Z-Lounge in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
8/1/09 LAZERCRUNK Cool Weekend Party w/ Dan Dabber & Depth
7/29/09 FUZZ w/ Xanopticon w/ Subdivision, Cutups & Keebs @ BBT
6/25/09 A Random Party w/ Sharon Needles, Ed Um, Cutups & Keebs @ Brillobox
6/13/09 The 6th Galactic Ass Dragon Classic hardcore laptop battle @ Belvederes
6/10/09 FUZZ w/ FANU w/ Cutups & Natty Boh Peep @ BBT
5/20/09 GET AWESOME 2 rave w/ Cutups @ The Braddock Elks
5/21/09 SUBHUMAN w/ Cutups @ Z-Lounge
5/7/09 LAZERCRUNK w/ RRRUMP (ATLANTA) – Keeb$ B-Day Party
4/23/09 LOVE IS WET w/ Lauren G, Nikkels, & Cutups @ New Amsterdam
4/18/09 SHAME ON YR PANTS w/ Philadelphyinz @ Brillobox
4/16/09 DIPLO (Mad Decent) plus Cutups & Keeb$ (Lazercrunk), DJ Nugget and CommonWealthFamily Diesel in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $10
4/3/09 It’s All the Rage Animal Friends Benefit @ Brillobox
4/2/09 BODY DOUBLE w/ kristen, a grey, cutups, keebs @ Brillobox
3/25/09 FUZZ! w/ Ed Rush (UK) with Depth One, Cutups & Keeb$ BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $15
3/19/09 *B*LAZERCRUNK w/ Party With A Capitol P
3/4/09 FUZZ w/ Reso w/ Alaska & Kirby @ BBT
2/17/09 Thavius Beck, K The I w/ Cutups & Dreadnots @ Belvederes
2/18/09 Discuss, Ekofield, Jack Wilson, Cutups & Keebs afterhours @ Yr Inner Vagabond
2/19/09 LAZERCRUNK w/ The American Dream Team with guest NYC electro/remixers TADT plus Cutups & Keeb$. Electro Crunk Mashup Rave Bass Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
1/31/09 BEER RAVE w/ Cutups & Keebs @ Medusa’s in Philadelphia
1/29/09 HERE WE DO w/ Apt1, Cutups & Edgar Um @ Brillobox

1/22/09 CP REMIXED With Wiz Kahlifa, Michael Johnsen, Italian Ice & dj Cutups. Curated by Girltalk. WYEP Studio, Bedford Square Southside in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $6
1/17/09 GET SHIFTED with Xanopticon, Skymal, 9MM, Cutups, John Bender+ Kent Theater in Kent, OH All Ages 10PM $0
1/15/09 LAZER CRUNK “FOAM PARTY” with Temisan Adoki (T-Organisation), Cutups and Keeb$. electro, mashup, bass, rave Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3

12/31/08 NYE HOUSE PARTY w/ kendall, sari, djbj downstairs, cutups & friends upstairs @ Remedy
12/20/08 DRACULAS X-MAS PARTY anything goes dj party with ed um & cutups
Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
12/18/08 LAZERCRUNK w/ Math Head (T&B NYC) plus Cutups and Keeb$ Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $4
11/20/08 LAZERCRUNK w/ E-Six & Roan plus Cutups & Keeb$ Brillobox in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $4
10/30/08 RELEASE THE BATS halloween dance party w/ a grey, djbj, cutups @ Brillobox
10/21/08 BIKE PGH BENEFIT w/ marne a, cory, cutups @ brillobox
10/16/08 LAZERCRUNK! w/ LET ME RIDE (philly) bass, electro and mashup. plus cutups & keeb$Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 1PM $4
10/14/08 VILLAINS (LA electro) w/ Cutups & Keeb$ la electro producer-djs plus Cutups & Keeb$ CMU Rangos Ballroom in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $5
9/20/08 UNITY Four tag-teams of different styles. Scartat vs Dynamic, Cutups vs Eryn Evans, Doverspike vs Rukkus and Robbie Rockso vs Tika.Praha Hotel in Tarentum, PA (outside Pittsburgh) All Ages 9PM $7
9/18/08 LAZERCRUNK! *tag-team edition* mashup, bass and electro. w/ rukkus v doverspike, rarkelly v natty boh peep and cutups v keebs Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
9/6/09 MARK N (Bloody Fist, AU) w/ Rukkus, Doverspike, Absolut @ Braddock Elks
7/30/08 REALICIDE w/ Xanopticon, Rockhausen, Cutups @ BBT

7/24/08 Japanther, Extreme Animals, Centipede Est plus djs cutups and ed um. FREE show related to the Carnegie International. Carnegie Museum Sculpture Garden in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $0
7/17/08 LAZERCRUNK w/ Alias & Egyptrix (Toronto plus Cutups & Keeb$. electro / bass / mashup / indie dance night.Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
7/4/08 Daedelus plus cutups (dj set) Envy 4000 block Penn Ave in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $5
6/28/08 Home Bass with Stackin Paper – Cutups & Keebs Z-Lounge Upstairs in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
6/20/08 Shame on Philadelphyinz w/ Apt1 and Skinny Friedman (Philadelphyinz), Edum and Cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
6/19/08 LAZER CRUNK new electro-bass-party monthly! resident djs Cutups and Keebs Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
6/13/08 CHUFF! Dubstep Party w/ Joe Nice (Dubwar / Baltimore), JBurns, ABZ, Cutups, Keebs Belvederes 4016 Butler Street in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $5
6/5/08 DOWN & DERBY roller disco w/ a bautista, nugget, cutups. rsvp on downandderby.com GC Murphy Building 521 Lincoln Ave 15201 in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $30
5/30/08 SHAME ON THE JUNTA with ed um, cutups, plus depthone brillobox in pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3


5/25/08 Opposition Party w/ Hecate, Prometheus Burning, Baseck, Cutups, Status, Split Horizon From The Gut in Detroit All Ages 9PM $10
5/9/08 Girltalk AFTERPARTY with djs Cutups and Keebs spinning mashup, electro, party gabber, etc. Remedy 5112 Butler St in Pittsburgh 21+ 11PM $0
5/2/08 Breakcore Gives Me Wood Venetian Snares, Cutups + TBA in Brussels, Belgium All Ages 10PM $10
4/18/08 Shame On.. the monthly anything goes dance party with ed um and cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $3
4/12/08 412TAG Cutups vs. Keeb$, Chico vs. Reson8, Rukkus vs. Tika, The Assassins TBA in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $5
4/5/08 Konkrete Jungle with Mad Dem Sound, Ncoder, Ryury + Cutups, NatasK, Simon Slum Ale House, Market Square in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $5
3/1/08 SHAME ON MARCH monthly dj dance night with ed um and cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
2/15/09 The 5th Galactic Assdragon Classic Laptop Battle speedcore laptop battle @ belvederes
1/26/08 Shame On the Apocalypse monthly dance mania with ed um and cutups plus guest keeb$ Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
1/12/08 EMPRESS Empress (NYC), Mad Dem Sound, J Burns, Ryury vs Cutups, DVS + Grafitti Warehouse 5001 Penn Ave in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $10

12/31/07 BRILLOBOX NYE 2008 dance til next year with party flavors from thommy dreamer, dj bj and cutups Brillobox, Penn & Main in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $4
12/28/07 STACKING PAPER 3: Wrapping Paper get ready to stack it up for the holidays. keeb$ and cutups plus special guests. new electro, hyphy crunk, bass rave, mashup and more.
Belvedere’s, 4016 Butler Street in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
12/22/07 SHAME ON… the monthly anything-goes danceparty with ed um and cutups Brillobox, Penn & Main in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
12/5/07 FUZZ! with NOIZECREATOR (germany) breakcore from dresden plus residents absolut and cutups BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
12/1/07 Schizophrenia Midwest breakcore crazyness! NoizeCreator, Davros (Abelcain) vs Unibomber, Doormouse, Xanopticon, Adjust, Cutups, In Broken Key. From The Gut in Detroit All Ages 9PM $10
11/24/07 Ceremony dark dance music with guest dj cutups plus the night shift Pegasus in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $4
11/23/07 Knock Off 4 get hyphy with cutups, danny crowns, ed um and nicerec Belvederes in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
11/21/07 FUZZ! w/ KLUTE plus Jason Burns + ABZ, Cutups and Excempt. Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh 21+ 1PM $5
11/15/07 DRUMCORPS w/ Skymal, 9MM vs HIV, DJ Finalscratch is Expensive @ Garfield Artworks
10/27/07 EVALINE Halloween Party djs pete + cutups + lots of other fun Evaline St in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $20
10/26/07 Shame on Halloween with ed um and cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
10/13/07 NEXT STEP Dubstep Night w/ Shiva (Indy), ABZ, Cutups shiva plays techno-infused dubstep, abz drops tons of dubs and cutups mixes up dubstep, grime other street bass music
Remedy, 5121 Butler St in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
10/11/07 WE BALLIN w/ DJ Dara, Luke Gordon, Sage @ Gooskis
9/26/07 FUZZ! w/ X&Trick (Belgium) + Xanopticon X&Trick, live breakcore/jungle/idm on BugKlinik records from Belgium plus Xanopticon and Cutups. Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
9/22/07 SHAME ON THE monthly dance rocker with ed um and cutups brillobox in pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
9/15/07 STACKIN PAPER 2: Midterm All Nighter cutups & keeb$ electro crunk rave mashup. 3rd floor at remedy. Remedy, 5121 Butler St in Pittsburgh All Ages 12PM $0
9/1/07 Captain Ahab & Realicide Captain Ahab (raccous electro – LA) and Realicide (apocalyptic noise – Cinci) plus Taureg Stigma, Cockmongler and djs Ed Um and Cutups
Kopeks 3523 Penn Ave in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
8/31/07 Shame on The Apocalypse ed um and cutups monthly dance night Brillobox, Penn and Main in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
7/21/07 Deep Jungle Shy FX, Cutups, Skullkrusher, Jungle Jake, Dr Rockso, Double D, Doverspike TBA in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $20
7/21/07 SHAME ON THE 4TH OF JULY edum and cutups monthly dance music fiasco Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
7/20/07 Ambition techno/electro night with cutups. Z-Lounge in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
7/11/07 FUZZ! w/ GEIN (milwuakee) special guest abel gein plus sets from cutups and the rock BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $4
7/7/07 Beehive Afterhours with guests absolut and cutups Southside Beehive in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $5
6/27/07 FUZZ! Resident Mashup Ratana vs Cutups, Ben vs ABZ, Depth vs Absolut, Alaska vs Ra BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
6/9/07 Shame on the… with Edgar Um and Cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
6/2/07 Palm Saturdays House & Techno with Aaron Clark and Philo Main Room; Downtempo, IDM and Party Jams with Cutups and Absolut on the Patio Palm Bar, Station Square in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $0
5/18/07 Shame On May ed um and cutups play dance jamz Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
5/11/07 Girltalk w/ Lord Grunge, Midnite Snake, Panda Transport, Xanopticon and Discuss, plus dj cutups Mr Smalls in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $10
5/4/07 Ambition Weekly techno-house-electro night with guest dj Cutups Z-Lounge in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
4/28/07 Shame On The Spring monthly anything goes dance party with ed um and cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
4/21/07 DREAM TEAM w/ NiceRec, Assassin, Selecta, Dan Dabber, Ed Um, Cutups Remedy 5121 Butler St in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $5
4/7/07 KISS & TELL indie dance night w/ a grey, djbj, guests huck finn, cutups Rays Marlin Grill in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
3/30/07 SHAME ON THE electro, acid, rock, funk, new wave, italo disco, no wave etc. w/ ed um and cutups. design by thommy conroy Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
3/8/07 PROPER*GANDA glam / electro / scandalous danceparty w/ Cutups, Ed Um, Mary Mack, and T&A the Rex in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $5
2/16/07 Shame On The electro, acid, rock, funk, new wave, italo disco, no wave etc. w/ ed um and cutups plus guest djs T&A Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
2/1/07 ProperGanda dance jamz w/ f. cory, b.philly, glen electric, ed umm, cutups Rex Theater, Carson St in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $5
1/27/07 Shame on the Cold Old Man electro, acid, rock, funk, new wave, italo disco, no wave etc. w/ ed um and cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
1/24/07 FUZZ! Drum & Bass Weekly Ben Smith, Absolut, Cutups BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
1/13/07 Black Moth Super Rainbow, Harangue, Hell Yeah and the Hellcats + diverse show plus cutups spinning between bands Sonnys Tavern in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
1/12/07 LAZERFUZZ Dieselboy, the Brigade, Xanopticon, Cutups, Ohms Church at Braddock & Library Rd in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $10
1/3/07 FUZZ! Downtempo Night ABZ, X-Ray and Cutups BBT in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $2

12/10/06 SONIC EQUIVALENT cutups guest djing on the radio WRCT88.3FM in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $0
11/22/06 Shame on Them Goddamn Pilgrims ed umm + cutups play party jams Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
10/28/06 1984 insane halloween party. cutups + finelli djing, drinks, food, bands and much, much more 426 S. Evaline, Pittsburgh, PA in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $20 http://fnipgh.com/evaline/
10/27/06 INVOCATION OF MY DEMON SHAME satanic dance jamz party w/ edumm and cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $3
9/22/06 Too Cool For School back 2 school jammy with angelus, ed umm, cutups, jwan allen, ez lou + Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $5
9/9/06 ABELCAIN w/ Prometheus Burning, Vytear, Statas, Chris Decay @ Z-Lounge 21+ $5 #breakcore
9/8/06 Splintertest w/ Abelcain, Xanopticon, Prometheus Burning, Vytear, Cutups, 8Cylinder, Porktamer, Statas + Terrordrome in Philadelphia All Ages 9PM $0
9/2/06 ROOTS & FUTURE w/ Absolut, ABZ, DMG, Cutups, Edgar Um @ BBT #world #bass
8/9/06 dan deacon, double dagger, deathset, video hippos from baltimore plus dj cutups on penn ave in pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $6
7/14/06 Xmas in July party jams w/ ed umm and cutups Brillobox in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
7/7/06 Japanther, Night Wounds, Hot Girls Cool Guys, Cutups no-wave dance rock bands plus cutups spinning records Artists Image Resource in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $5
7/1/06 Fanny, Dev/Null, Skymal, Xanopticon plus doverspike and dj cutups. a breakcore p’jammy p’jam ZLounge, Carson Street in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
6/17/06 Hothouse 6 sprout fund benefit party. tons of acts, food, drink, etc. cutups djing in one room. student tix are 15. East Side Development in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $35
6/3/06 GLAM SLAM edumm, marymack and cutups rock the booty Brillobox, Penn & Main in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
5/27/06 DANCE PARZY C64, Balladonnakillz, Cutups, Selector Catalog, Matt Demmon + From the Gut @ 1551 Winder #208 in Detroit All Ages 9PM $5
5/26/06 LowRes AfterParty Adjust, Xanopticon, GodandhisBitches, Life Towards Twilight, M.Kadath, Hive Mind (live), plus Cutups and David Anger (dj) 1353 Division 1E in Detroit All Ages 10PM $5
5/20/06 Spring Fever mary mack, ed umm, cutups spring feva dance jams Brillo Box in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
5/19/06 persad center benefit benefit for the persad center with a variety of performers + cutups jimmy tsangs in pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $0
5/5/06 Bone Dust, Brown Angel, Jordan Decay + Bone Dust (noise from providence, RI) plus Brown Angel, Jordan Decay and Cutups playing records. Paint and Body in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $5
4/29/06 Electrolade Koolaide big rave with frankie bones, heather heart, 45thieves and many more. and cutups! Warehouse in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $15
4/21/06 Gallery Crawl gallery crawl type thing with music. more info as i know. dj cutups. brillobox afterpartay TRAF Gallery in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $0
4/21/06 Rawhide “Rawhide” jump around cowboy party w/ djs Paul Q (modey lemon) Cutups and E. Um 11pm to 2am $2 for cowboys/cowgirls $5 city folks brillo
Brillo Box in Pittsburgh 21+ 11PM $5
4/11/06 Whisky Tango Ed Umm and Cutups dj electro, rock, funk, noise, whatever they want. Havana in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
4/1/06 With Friends Like These akil harris art show. dj musics from ed umm and cutups and ??? Paint and Body in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $0
3/15/06 Shame on the Night Dance jams with DJs Mary Mack, Ed Umm and Cutups. Possibly more info to come… Brillo Box in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
3/12/06 WRECKING Ball jagoff uprising with xanopticon, prometheus burning, 8cylinder, cutups and duran duran duran Lucky Cat 245 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 in NYC 21+ 10PM $5 http://www.societycleaners.org/wreckingball.html
3/11/06 Rugged Nymphomania Big breakcore fest featuring: End, Duran Duran Duran, Enduser, Drop the Lime, Xanopticon, Vytear, Cutups, Prometheus Burning, Society Cleaners, Skymall, Porktamer, Panzer Division + LAVA, 4134 Lancaster Ave in Philadelphia All Ages 8PM $6
3/4/06 JAGOFF UPRISING Box-set “release” party with Duran Duran Duran, Xanopticon, Prometheus Burning, Shatterbreak and Cutups. Z-Lounge, 2108 E. Carson St, in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $5
2/24/06 PUNISH YOUR MACHINE w/ Cutups wood street art show with electronics from dj cutups Wood Street Gallery in Pittsburgh All Ages 6PM $0
2/24/06 PAY YOUR DUES Special guest EWUN (renegade hardware / barcode / evol intent) with ALASKA and CUTUPS. Z-Lounge in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
2/4/06 RAINBOW IN THE DARK black cocaine + djs mary mack, ed umm and cutups Brillobox, near Penn and Main in Pittsburgh 21+ 9PM $3
2/1/06 FUZZ! 412DNB Tagteams 10 – Jay n Ben, 11 – John and Curtiss, 12 – Cutups n Todd, 1 – Adam n Adam BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
1/5/06 D&B @ Z-Lounge resident absolut plus guest cutups. intelligent d&b + idm. Z-Lounge in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
1/4/06 FUZZ! Post-NY Mashup all the residents doing tag-team sets. 10 cutups + absolut, 11 abz + ratana, 12 ben + alaska, 1 ra + depth BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2



12/3/05 Wolf Eyes noise from MI, plus JACK WRIGHT TRIO, GRAVEYARD, and ICE CAPADES. Plus DJ CUTUPS, and video from JOHN ALLEN plus art from TIM KAULEN, JOSH BONNETT and LADYBOY. Paint & Body, 915 Penn Ave in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $8
11/30/05 FUZZ! D&B Weekly with Ben Smith, Darkcyde and Cutups BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
11/30/05 Wood Street IDM Show live electronics from underwater sex plants, relative q and idm downtempo dj cutups Wood Street Gallery, Downtown in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $3
11/9/05 FUZZ w/ DJ SS, Influx UK, Kay! an insane lineup for the bbt! plus cutups opening with 92-95 classics. $7 before 11PM, $10 after BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $10
10/15/05 DARKMATTER SOUNDSYSTEM w/ Resurrector, Diskore, Christof Fringeli, Prometheus Burning, Xanopticon @ Space Gallery All Ages $8 #breakcore
9/13/05 The 3rd Galactic Assdragon Classic / Monsters With Machines Tour speedcore /splatterbreaks laptop battle @ Z-Lounge #breakcore
8/24/05 Smooth Grooves downtempo & intelligent jungle w/ guest dj cutups ZLounge in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
8/19/05 Destruction DJs: Sunrize, Depth, DJ Tanner and Cutups. Prana Gallery in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $8
8/10/05 FUZZ! D&B Weekly with Cutups, Trichrome and Ra BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://fuzz.412dnb.com
7/30/05 Bring It Back 2 Two Rooms of hardcore rave music w/ Delerium, Venom, Sunrize, Warchild, Product 19, Thumptek, Virus, Tika, Smerk, Stabby, 45Thieves, Cutups, Skullkrusha + Two Rooms of hardcore rave music. TBA in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $20
7/28/05 SOUNDBOMBING w/ Prometheus Burning,
7/23/05 EGL3 Huge camping rave with several stages, including a hardcore stage w/ Jen Mas, Cutups and more… Campsite North of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh All Ages 5PM $8
6/29/05 FUZZ! w/ HIVE (Los Angeles) Violence / Phunkatek, from Los Angeles plus locals CUTUPS and DEPTH BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5 http://fuzz.412dnb.com
6/11/05 Stickerthrow traveling stickerart/streetart tour w/ seth brunell, cyne, and girltalk plus dj cutups Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $0 http://www.stickerthrowpgh.tk/
5/28/05 DETROIT Breakcore Afterparty tentatively: bombardier, adjust, xanopticon, god and his bitches, 8cylinder, prometheus burning, djs cutups and selector catalog 1551 Winder #208, Eastern Market in Detroit All Ages 10PM $5 http://fromthegut.org
3/26/05 D&B Saturdays: Oldskool Junglism night Nothing after 1995. w/ Chris B, Spills, Smartie, Cutups MUSE in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
3/25/05 KRACFIVE shizzy Octopus Inc, wwcarpen, Girl Talk, Ipagos, Cutups Rex Theatre, 1602 E Carson in Pittsburgh 18+ 8PM $5 http://kracfive.com
3/13/05 The Sonic Equivalent IDM, Electro and Acid with Alan, plus this week guest dj Cutups 88.3 FM in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $0 http://wrct.org
3/5/05 MUSE D&B Saturdays with Darkcyde and Cutups MUSE, 228 S. Highland Ave in Pittsburgh 18+ 10PM $0
3/2/05 FUZZ! w/ Mike BEE (SF) plus Midas and Cutups BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://fuzz.412dnb.com
2/5/05 Zhark Domination a night of broken beats w/ Hecate, Abelcain, Xanopticon, Slutmachine, Aversion, Nemoton, Selector Catalog and Cutups a loft in Detroit All Ages 10PM $5 http://rhinoplex.org/cutups/?main=GALLERY&directory=visual/zharkdomination
1/19/05 FUZZ with Yamez, Cutups and Ben Carter BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://fuzz.412dnb.com

12/17/04 The Air Conditioned Nightmare Jen Curry, J Foxx, Scott Hug, Michael Magnan, John Riegert, Ben Greene, John Allen Gibel, Thommy Conroy, Bob Bingham, Brian Dougherty, SEAK M.A.C., Karl Beck, Myles Lett, N.S.F., Horsie, Terry Young, Tom Hall, Leroy King of Art and others. Cutups spinnin Thommy Conroy’s GALLERY in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $0
12/13/04 SOCIETY SUCKERS + AARON SPECTRE w/ Skymall, Xanopticon @ Garfield Artworks All Ages $5 #breakcore
12/8/04 FUZZ: the Raggaclash Reggae Bus, Yamez and Cutups vs Frankie G. the BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 412dnb.com
12/4/04 DARKMATTER w/ Xanopticon and Cutups Xanopticon & Cutups plus Monotek, Dynasty, Baseck, Diskore, Minion, Resurrector and Sonic Death Rabbit! info: (323)769-5844
1462 S. Central Ave in Los Angeles, CA All Ages 9PM $5 http://darkmattersoundsystem.com
11/18/04 RHINOPLEX KRU a night of local hard electronics with XANOPTICON, 8CYLINDER, PROMETHEUS BURNING and CUTUPS. The Lava Lounge, 2204 E.Carson Street Southside in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3 http://rhinoplex.org
10/9/04 ALTERED BEATS RHINOPLEX invasion of toronto. Xanopticon, 8Cylinder, Vaneck, Cutups + locals Medikons, Hijex and C64. I.V. Lounge at 326 Dundas in Toronto, Canada All Ages 8PM $5 http://alteredbeats.com
9/18/04 Getting Out Her Vote Evenings & Weekends, Vanessa German, Iron City Dragkings, and DJ Cutups spinning. Pitt Public Health Auditorium in Pittsburgh All Ages 6PM $0
8/29/04 Sonic Equivalent guest dj cutups will be spinning a set sometime between 12 and 3pm on 88.3FM 88.3 WRCT in Pittsburgh All Ages 5PM $0 http://www.wrct.org
8/28/04 TECHNODROME Deadly Buda, Cutups, 7Up, Darren Michaels, Eric Justin, Thumptek, Sedative. Lots of acid house, rave hits, hard techno and hardcore. The EYE in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $10
8/13/04 GALACTIC ASSDRAGON 2 PA vs Ohio Gabber-Mashup Laptop beer-battle. With sounds from Xanopticon, Vaneck, Cutups, Doverspike, Chris Degay, In Broken Key, Echo Deimos + More. email 8cylinder@rhinoplex.org for full info 18th St, Southside in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $0 http://rhinoplex.org/assdragon2
7/24/04 Rare Electronics Night Live IDM, Noise & Electronics + DJs. Syne.Lapse.Variate, Rowark, Manherringbone, Shadowdancer, Maurice Rickard, DJ Darkfader, DJ Cutups + The Eye, Penn Ave in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $5
7/16/04 Gravy Train, Chinese Stars, Handface, Cutups Gravy Train, Chinese Stars, Handface plus Stadium Trash and Cutups djing tunes. TCRPS gig. Garfield Artworks 4913 Penn Ave in Pittsburgh All Ages 7PM $7 http://www.rapbitches.com
7/14/04 FUZZ Noise Machine + Illy MC, Adam Bomb and Cutups.Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3 http://412dnb.com
5/12/04 FUZZ D&B Weekly w/ Cutups, Alaska, Ben BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0 http://412dnb.com
5/1/04 The Galactic Assdragon Classic speedcore laptop battle
4/4/04 FUZE D&B Weekly w/ Rudy vs Baxter, Still Life and local Cutups. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3 http://www.412dnb.com
3/3/04 FUZE w/ PSIDREAM FUZE special with PSIDREAM plus residents Bagel and Cutups. Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh 21+ 5PM $5 http://www.412dnb.com
2/21/04 Does Not Play Well With Others Cutups, Abe Froman, Mark H, Artbreaker Elks Lodge in Fargo, ND 18+ 9PM $8 http://grindthieves.net
1/31/04 Sickness w/ Venetian Snares, Society Cleaners, Optic, Lance Blisters, Cutups, Naked Slice + More! Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY All Ages 10PM $13 http://www.isolaterecords.com
1/15/04 DONNA SUMMER // Dev/Null // XANOPTICON// DREADNOTS at The Eye All ages #breakcore

11/21/03 Technoise Fest PHILLY BREAKCORE FEST with Donna Summer, Adjust, Matt Demmon, Drop the Lime, DevNull, Xanopticon, Cutups + Warehouse in Philadelphia All Ages 9PM $5 http://www.215noise.com
11/3/03 Machinedrum, Flashbulb, Luke & Luke, Ratana @ The Shadow Lounge All Ages #idm
10/10/03 Peaches Afterparty Ed Umm, Cutups. Crazy Electro. Ray’s Marlin Grill in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
10/9/03 C64, Skeeter, Belladonnakillz w/ Cutups @ Modern Formations
9/21/03 TELLMEDIRTYLIES Matt Demmon, Xanopticon, 8Cylinder, VanEck, Cutups. 3rd Street Saloon in Detroit 21+ 9PM $5
9/6/03 FREQNASTY Doormouse, Stuntrock, Baseck, Drop the Lime, Girltalk, Cutups. Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $8 http://rhinoplex.org/wrecked/events/freqnasty
8/16/03 Forced Hardcore one-off. Red, Cutups. Rex Theater in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
7/7/03 WIRED Maurice Rickard, Vampire Nation, Cutups. Dub-Sound collage. Club Cafe in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
7/4/03 Sauce Cutups. Electro. Ray’s Marlin Gril in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
4/26/03 GANGSTA BASS INC Doormouse, Otto Von Schirach, Baseck w/ Impercept & Gonzo Junglism @ Garfield Artworks $7 All Ages #breakcore #idm
4/4/03 SONIC TERROR w/ Enduser, Line47, Dev79, Pale, Xanopticon @ The Quiet Storm $5 All Ages #breakcore
6/28/03 BAD TASTE w/ Stallio, Dr Butcher MD @ The Shadow Lounge #breakcore
3/5/03 Throb Manny T. Cutups. Electro out the Wazoo. Rex Theater in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
1/25/03 PULSE Xanopticon, Impercept, Maurice Rickard, Cutups. PGH live electronic showcase. Kiva Han in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $0 http://rhinoplex.org/pulse
1/18/03 It’s About Time Baseck, Kid, Donnasummer, Mekagojira, Devnull, Xanopticon, Cutups, Dev79 Machine’s House in Rutgers, NJ All Ages 9PM $5
1/15/03 Barrelled Donna Summer, Xanopticon, Cutups Subtonic in NYC 21+ 10PM $5

12/6/02 DISCO MUTANTS w/ C64, Optic, Duran Duran Duran, Enduser, Line47, Cutups @ Milk Records All Ages #breakcore
11/23/02 Life Support Binac, Depth, Cutups. Local All ages D&B night. Milk Records in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $3
11/6/02 FUZE Walkingstick, Cutups. Ragga set. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
10/26/02 FLUX 8 Halloween Flux. Cutups + Northside Hall in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $0
10/23/02 FUZE Cutups. Intell/Technical set. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
10/11/02 Molly’s Bday cutups. 80’s as fuck. Southside in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $0

7/31/02 ZOD RECORDS TOUR w/ Emotional Joystick, Curtis Chip, Soperfo, Destro, Cutups @ The Shadow Lounge
6/5/02 FUZE Cutups. Ratana’s Bday BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
5/31/02 Harsh Stone White American Trash, Chris Decay, Xanopticon, Cleveland Connect, Cutups. Archetype Gallery in Akron All Ages 5PM $5
5/11/02 Schenanagins Cutups. UK Hardcore set. Milk in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $6
4/26/02 GOOD FOR YOUR EARHOLES w/ 412dnb crew @ Andy Warhol Museum
3/6/02 FUZE Cutups. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://412dnb.com
1/25/02 DIY ELECTRONICS HACKFEST w/ Xanopticon, Climax Street, Impercept, American Trash, So Red, Dev/null, Girltalk, 8Cylinder, Cutups, 2+2=4 @ Milk Records
1/2/02 FUZE Cutups. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://412dnb.com

11/14/01 SIN Chad Rapp, Cutups. Downtempo, hiphop, idm. Havana in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $0
11/14/01 FUZE Cutups. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://412dnb.com
11/9/01 ULTIMATUM 7 HarmStryker, Xanopticon, Cutups. Philly hardsound/experimental audio. Killtime in Philadelphia All Ages 10PM $5
11/8/01 Frequency Cutups. Chill D&B set. M in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $5
9/9/01 Ceremony Ceremony Goth Night. Kelly Askettle & Cutups. Laga in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $3 http://ceremony.pghgoth.com/playlists/2001/sep8.html
8/24/01 PEACE-OFF / WIDERSTAND TOUR w/ Rotator, Eiterherd, Slaaam w/ Matt Demon, White Rabbits, Xanopticon, Girltalk + @ Millvale Industrial Theater
6/2/01 DESTRUCTION 4 Doormouse, Destro, Dr Butcher, Matt Demmon, Cutups Matt’s House in Urbana, IL All Ages 9PM $0
5/4/01 Listening Post No. 56 AEIOU, Pixel Stalin, Cutups Scoobi’s in Greensburg 21+ 9PM $3
4/6/01 Icepickk 2 Grand Buffet. Some punk bands. Cutups. Icepick’s 2nd show. Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh All Ages 6PM $6 http://www.icepickk.com
3/28/01 FUZE Cutups. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3 http://412dnb.com
2/2/01 Ultimatum 3 Ian, Totentanz, Count Zero, Cutups. Experimental Hardcore. Killtime in Philadelphia All Ages 9PM $5 http://www.215noise.com
1/19/01 Icepickk 1 Macarthy Commission, Ryan Mathew, Cutups. Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh All Ages 6PM $5

12/6/00 FUZE Cutups. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://412dnb.com
12/2/00 GRRR Rave. Reliant & Cutups. Moon Laser Arena in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $10
11/31/00 THE EYE halloween show w/ tr generation, grand buffet, parvulus infectus, tooth decay, cutups @ The Eye of Horus, Carson St
11/4/00 SEANCE w/ pixelstalin, cutups @ scooby’s in greensburg
8/18/00 Groove Cutups. Hardcore & Electro. Laga in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $5
7/29/00 AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT last proper pbs event, all night crazyness @ Neville Ice Arena
6/21/00 BALANCE Cutups.BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2
6/3/00 ONETOPIA Rave. Ratana, MVP, Reliant, Bricks, Cutups. Ice Arena in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $10
5/21/00 BALANCE Cutups. BBT in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $2 http://412dnb.com
5/5/00 D.I.A. 2 Direct Information Action. Holocaust, Cutups. Hardcore. 2nd Ave Tunnel in Pittsburgh All Ages 12PM $0
3/00 BREAK OF DAWN rave at the homewood colliseum
2/00 IMBALANCE w/ count zero, cutups, ike jones, rave @ Paintball Arena
2/00 INFORMATION ACTION hardcore / live pa / info loft party
2/30/00 JAVA D&B night. Ratana, Reliant, Cutups Java in Uniontown All Ages 8PM $0
2/11/00 Hardcore for the Broken Hardcore/Experimental V-day. Ed Luna, Army of Angst, Reliant, Cutups.Fire Exit in Columbus All Ages 9PM $6


12/99 UNRAVELED psytrance / experimental rave at the irish center
11/30/99 Fallout Lounge Cutups. Chill D&B set. Metropol in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $6
11/20/99 Bisquick 18 Pb-Cle-Raves rave party. Cutups. Paintball Arena in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $5
10/30/99 Magick 2 Downlow Halloween Rave. Cutups. Monroeville Expomart in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $20
10/11/99 Hunny Andythepooh’s Party. Reliant & Cutups tag. Paintball Arena in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $5
9/25/99 Submerged 2 Two Tigers Rave. A ton of Happy Hardcore. Plus Cutups. Hardcore Set. ? in Cleveland All Ages 10PM $15
8/21/99 NUCLEAR CONFUSION rave in johnstown pa
8/99 GYROPHARE psytrance/experimental rave at the Irish Center
7/99 LIVING WAGE CAMPAIGN fundraiser picnic in Highland Park
6/30/99 Todd & Frankie’s Graduation Todd & Frankie’s graduation picnic. TR Generation, Seth Baum, Reliant, Cutups. Frick Park in Pittsburgh All Ages 5PM $0
6/5/99 BALANCE D&B Weekly. UFO. Siren. Cutups. Zythos in Pittsburgh 21+ 10PM $3
6/99 Brians B-day pbs houseparty w/ super c, sean rudiman, instigator, kali, cutups, reliant, ike jones
6/99 PACTOBERFEST pbs houseparty
6/99 HAUS MUSIC 2 projekthaus party
4/30/99 Just A Party Future Consortium Rave. Bagel. Cutups. U4IA in Cleveland All Ages 10PM $10
5/99 HAUS MUSIC 2 projekthaus
3/27/99 RAVES ARE STUPID w/ mskw1, sethcrazybaum, trout soup, reliant, dr cutups, hubajube, instigator @ projekthaus
2/22/99 FREEZE Projekthausparty. Cutups and Reliant.Projekthaus in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $0
2/20/99 The Burial SCJ farewell party. Sine, Starchild, Squared, Alaska, Bagel, Reliant, Circuit6, Cutups. Paintball Arena in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $6
2/99 UH-OH the pb-cle-raves hyperreal rave @ the Paintball Arena

11/30/98 Pollinator Pollinator electronica night w/ BJP and cutups. Oakland Beehive in Pittsburgh All Ages 10PM $3
7/28/98 LIFE IS BUT A DREAM PBS rave w/ Marcus Visionary, 187, D-Cypol, Gabbergirl, Wolverine, Optic, Aneurysm, + lots more @ Millvale Industrial Theater 9PM – 6 AM $10
6/30/98 NATO Ed Umm’s night @ Sips. guest Cutups. Sips Coffeehouse in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $0
6/23/98 NOVA w/ Cutups @ Suburban Trance Clothing

2/1/97 WPTS BDAY BASH w/ Black Steel, Big Lee, Charles Duncan, Farmer Tea, Braniac, Cutups @ WPU Ballroom

6/14/96 Children of Thee Process Projekthausparty. Cutups. Projekthaus in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $0
5/16/96 B-Days Projekthausparty for 187, Stephanie and Farmer T’s bdays. Cutups. Projekthaus in Pittsburgh All Ages 9PM $0
4/6/96 WPTS B-Day WPTS station anniversary. The 1985. Land. Cutups. WPU Ballroom in Pittsburgh All Ages 8PM $0