occult cosmic dance ritual


a periodic night featuring a mix of live acts, djs, video, and audio.

featuring the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds
occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, witch house,
minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc.


free-form and floating event.

ILLUSIONS started in 2010 as a collaborative curated event by Vaneck, Tella and myself,
to present a night that touched on the dark music that we were excited about, while
presenting live acts, multimedia and dj sets, to flesh out a full and unique event.

july 27th Dark Entries Showcase w/ Bezier, RedRedRed, Max + Mara @ brillobox
jan 17th TEXTBEAK & SHAWN RUDIMAN @ brillobox

oct 31st HALLOWEEN @ brillobox
sep 15th w/ YOUTH CODE (LA), NIGHT SINS + @ Brillobox
aug 30th w/ SOFT METALS (LA), TROXUM + @ Brillobox
jul 19th w/ BESTIAL MOUTHS (LA), WMX, MIND TIGER @ Garfield Artworks
apr 18th w/ NIGHT TERROR (NY), MAJEURE (live) + @ Brillobox
mar 16th w/MAJEURE (dj set) & HEXWEAPON (live) @ Brillobox

nov 24th w/ FOGGED OUT (PA) & Edgar Um @ Brillobox
may 6th w/ residents only with Cutups, Tella & Vaneck @ Cattivo
apr 7th w/ METRIA (MI) + Trogpite (pgh) @ Cattivo
mar 3rd w/ FUNERALS (OH) + DJ Arvin Clay @ Cattivo
feb 2nd w/ MASCARA (PA) & RIVKA @ Cattivo
jan 7th w/ TEEEL (NJ) + DJ Hatesyou @ Cattivo

dec 3rd w/ Paul Fleetwood (VIA/Humanaut) @ Cattivo
oct 27th w/ RITUALZ (Mexico City) @ Brillobox
sept 3rd w/ Ed Um (VIA/TheShop/etc.), Cutups, Tella & Vaneck @ Cattivo