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2016: stuff

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2016: stuff

sometimes i succesfully write these, most of the time i do not successfully write them. but somehow this list came together without much trouble thanks to bandcamp + actually saving notes throughout the year. some things i liked. it’s not really about ranking, just sharing. super far from comprehensive, but i hope it gives some curious people a few things to look into. i always enjoy looking at other people’s similar listies.

# eps and albums that left a mark on me in 2016
(alphabetical order)
Biosphere — Departed Glories
Dark0 — Oceana
Deadcrow – night wonder
DISHEVELED – mechasimulacria ep
hex – hex
Lanark Artefax — Glasz EP
ling – attachment
M.E.S.H. — Damaged Merc
Orphx — pitch black mirror
Paul Jebanasam — continuum
PIXELORD – human.exe
Qebrus & qebo – earth and egnamis aliance
richie brains – who is richie brains
Ritual Howls – into the water
Schwefelgelb – Wie Die Finger Durch Den Nebel
second woman — second woman
SETENTIA – darkness transcend
shalt – archeron (+ remixes)
Silver Waves – ep 3
Sorsarii – worlds away
SØS Gunver Ryberg — AFTRYK
Speak Onion – unanswered
SPR – tesselation district
the body — No One Deserves Happiness
tongue – tongue
WSR – Chambers
urzeit – Anmoksha
V1984 — Becoming (N)one
various – moe bass vol. 1 (Moe Collective)
Veil Of Light – ursprung
Yedgar – let go

# clerb single of the year
Sir Spyro – Toppa Top

# remix jam of the year
Rustie – Big Cattz (rojazu reboot)

# artists who i played many times in da clerb
Big Dope P
BSN Posse
Tick Lish

# labels who keep smashing it
Terrorhythm Recordings
Infinite Machine
Tessier-Ashpool Recordings
Hyperboloid Records
Her Records
Exit Records UK
Cosmic Bridge
Darkfloor Sound
Dark Entries Records
Giallo Disco Records
[aufnahme + wiedergabe]

# fav spots to eat (emphasis on new)
Thin Man Sandwich Shop (staying on top)
Umami Pghi
Streets On Carson

# top shows / event experiences (that i didn’t throw)
supercodex show with ryoji ikeda at cultural trust building
ulcerate, zhrine, and phobocosm at the smiling moose
sun ra arkestra at new hazlettet
alix perez and dlr at belvies
noise series at assemble
chelsea wolf at smalls
via fest 2016
tobacco at spirit
rotterdamn terror corps at the rex
soft moon at cattivo
spednar release party at space upstairs
survive blowing up generally and live set at spirit
del the funky homosapien at altar bar
+ huge props to erica scary and winterforge for keeping lots of dark-punk-metal-rock shows happening that are up my alley

# top 15 overall stuffs 2016 (no real order)
15 Penguins win the stanley cup!
14 taking a bike ride or walk outside every day, esp in the summer
13 lots of pgh producers and djs smashing it this year and keeping things rolling
12 so many tv shows stranger things / westworld / atlanta / night of / veep / GoT
11 finished some really solid work projects and got recognition for them
10 making some strides in working on music specifically with abelton
9 one more FUZZ at BBT
8 giallo disco night at Spirit with ian brill’s installation
7 detroit / movement 2016 trip with tella
6 Enter the Imaginarium – one fail – one success
5 crash course in science at brillobox
4 lazercrunks…so many. traxman + wig party stood out, but some of our locals nights were amoung the best this year.
3 miami + art basel trip, and finally getting that warm weather vacation in winter
2 meeting a few really awesome people and continuing to have awesome friends around doing good stuff
1 bxc collective shows and working together with that crew; especially the most recent show was really special

Recent Roundup….

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So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted much on here, aside from events that I cut and paste. Lets catch up on what I’ve been up to, in general.

I don’t really talk about work much on my sites, but I figure I’d mention a few things. I’m a developer for Expedient Data Centers, which is a mid-range regional data center company, with datacenters in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Baltimore, Boston and soon to be Memphis. It started out as the ISP formerly known as Stargate. I’ve been a jack of all trades programmer there since 2005, so I’m entering my 10th year in this position. I write internal, primarily web-based apps for the company, mostly for the billing and delivery teams, but also operations support and to some degree end customers. I do “full stack” development, which sometimes means I do specs, design, front end, back end, testing, systems, reporting, etc. But I rarely get to polish anything far beyond usable requirements. Finally, this year we’ve got a solid team of six developers, and have knocked out some major projects, and done some really nice design updates that I’m proud of.


I’ve also managed to improve my time management and have been able to dedicate a bit of time to doing more learning with Javascript, including learning Node, Express and Angular, and catching up on Symfony and Laravel. Slowly but surely, I’ve planned and slotted some time to re-factor some of my sites like wrecked-distro.com, cutupsmethod.com and geoffreymaddock.com. Looking at knocking out some new projects soon as well.

It’s been a fun year so far. I expect tons of great things on the horizon on that front.

We run in 2015 with a fun party with the VIA, Detour and Honcho crews at the new 3rd floor spot above Cantina, The Ballroom.

Merely a week later, we kicked off the first LAZERCRUNK of the year with a wacky cereal-themed party, with design and decorations from Jes Ha Ka, a full on cereal-bar, and tunes from guest DJ KATE BOSS.




A few weeks later, I made my debut at the newly christened monthly FAZE, from the 412DNB crew, which is 3rd Saturdays at Eclipse Lounge. Got to play a good mix of drum and bass, footwork, juke and modern 160 bass music. It seems to be a good spot for us, with a vibe more similar to BBT or Z-Lounge, and really excellent drinks.


For whatever reason, there’s been a strange convergance in terms of darker night life happening this year. Although our ILLUSIONS night has somewhat been on hiatus, there have been a number of other dark/goth nights, with a big focus on oldschool sounds cropping up. In addition to the long running Hanging Garden, EZ Lou has been doing a regular Darkwave night, every thursday at Gus’s, and starting this year I’ve signed up to play once every other month. Until the unforunate fire, Em Demarco, aka Dj Vomitting Rat was doing punk and goth wednesdays at Belvederes, with once a month horror movie screenings. The Night Shift crew did a Ceremony reunion night which was so successful that they spun it into a new, monthly night – OBSIDIAN – 4th saturdays at Lava Lounge. The first edition of the night happened at the end of January, and in a strange happenstance, fell on the same night as two other new goth nights – HADES NIGHT (at Eclipse) and SECOND SKIN (at Belvederes). After a little ironing out, HADES night shifted to Friday, and by all accounts, every night did really, really well. Add to that Manny, Zombo and Heim are doing ANOTHER night – NIGHT TIME – 1st Sundays at Brillobox that’s skewed more towards Industrial music. I have to say, there’s no way all this will stick, but it’s a great development for good options of dark and goth oriented music.

second skin

A few fun nights along the way include PHARMAKON along with a bunch of local noise freaks at the Ballroom, excellent noisey black metal band HIVELORDS at Howlers, and checking out the BUBBLEPOP j-pop night at Cattivo, which ended up being extremely popular, were each lots of fun.


This past weekend was the annual Valentines Monster-Truck Rally, and it was a truely epic level. Todd got over 100 people to go as part of our crew, and there was lots of fun pre-gaming, dressing up, making signs and screaming into the night. We packed that together with a special MONSTER TRUCK themed LAZERCRUNK the night before, with really amazing stage design thanks to Todd and Neil (Projectile Objects), plus our buddy Tony Parmesan guest dj’d as a last minute fill-in for Bogl.


I helped put together a breakcore show on saturday night with the awesome COMPANY FUCK from Berlin. Unfortunately, the weather was conspiring against the show, and their bus got stuck in Maryland and they didn’t make it to Pittsburgh in time. If he’s coming to your town, go check him out! Hopefully looking to do some more breakcore and wild shows this year, just need to line things up. 8Cylinder and myself will be going to Ann Arbor at the end of May to play the Ultra Mega Awesome Extreme fest, possibly the last one. So that will be a blast.


Been busy and that’s been excellent. Had alot of wonderful times out with my gf Jes, ice skating at Schenley, checking out the gallery crawls and ARCADE COMEDY THEATER, playing the massive and fun board game TERRA MYSTICA, trying our hand at ESCAPE ROOM, sledding and playing in the snow, having hilarious times at FENG, making and eating out lots of good food, including an amazing time at CURED.













Although she’s been in a bit of a funk with her art, she was still in three rad shows, a 90s themed show at The Roboto Project, where she did wall-mount “stuffed” heads of characters from Rocco’s Modern Life, the Pancakes and Booze show at the Rex, where she did a massive and incredible painting with her WUT guys, and a super fun and diverse reunion of the 12×12 show at Modern formations.






Been enjoying the winter, but definitely looking forward to warmer weather, the out doors and traveling some. Till next time!