Friday May 17th
bxc collective wants you to
kick it with the mutants
featuring unique live sets by special guests

acid / braindance / idm – montreal

hardcore jungle on dual polyend trackers
fat cap/mined – oakland, ca

plus locals…
unmapped north / sysex dumpster / bxc

elektron glitch from qancel & amby doosters

and unconventional dj sets by
come blast your eyes and ears at

4104 Penn Ave
10PM – 2AM

$10 limited presale
$15 door

more on Nixtrove
Born in Vancouver in 1999, sound engineer, drummer and music producer Matthew Coulombe has since settled in Montréal. First learning the piano and guitar as a child, he developed a passion for the drums at 15, a passion which naturally led him to drum machines and sequencers. Under the moniker Nixtrove, Coulombe overlaps layers upon layers of syncopated beats, delves into polyrhythmic structures, splinters and deconstructs cadences and melodies in order to create electronic music that integrates and blends shades of IDM, Acid, Drum and bass, Breakbeat, Ambient, Dub and Bass music into a uniquely left field sound. Supremely prolific, Nixtrove has self-released nearly 20 albums and EPs in the last four years. They performed live at the prestigous MUTEK festival in Montreal in 2022.

more on M27
A leader and purveyor of the West Coast Jungle. Armed with a skateboard, spray can, and a Tracker. Bringing smiles and styles to an underground near you. Hardcore jungle turntablist from Oakland, CA. With a rich knowledge of jungle tempo history. Born and raised in Los Angeles, now residing in Oakland. My background of influence stems from skateboarding, graffiti, pop, and underground culture of the ’80s and ’90s. As a leader in the west coast jungle, it’s a responsibility of mine to get others to recognize the jungle and the underground sound as the future of music.

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