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Sat March 14th Pittsburgh Electronic Music Record Fair @ Ace Hotel

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Saturday March 14th
Pittsburgh Electronic Music Record Fair

Vendors selling records, plus CDs, tapes, gear and memorabilia
All styles of electronic music welcome.

All ages / 1PM – 6PM
Free to attend and to vend.

We currently have about 17 vendors, both collectors selling one crate, to former shops selling a large number of crates!

Taking place at:
Ace Hotel Ball Room (2nd floor)
120 S. Whitfield St. Pittsburgh

* Do yourself a favor and patronize the hotel, restaurant,
bar and/or coffee shop!

Additional information for vendors:
Anybody interested in participating – shoot me a PM or email (geoff.maddock@gmail.com) and include:
– Your name
– Your “shop name” if applicable
– General description of what you have to sell
– Rough amount of crates worth that you could see bringing (i may cap this depending on interest)
– Email, phone and best method of contact
– Your discogs page or shop website.

There will be tables and chairs provided by the space. I’m going to try to facilitate setting up some “public” listening stations, but feel free to bring your own, there will be power. We may set up a PA as well, I’ll sort that out a bit later. If you deal in lots of music, please note that this is focused on electronic music so make your best call on what to bring.

If you have any questions DM or email me geoff.maddock@gmail.com.

Fri Dec 13th Ultima Bazaar: Apocalypse [A/V theme night]

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A new event concept featuring short sets from up to a dozen
artists creating and performing original music or video projections based on a specified theme.

The first showcase is on Friday December 13th with the theme…


15-min apocalypse sets from artists


paired with live visuals created by

The concept:
• A general prompt / concept is released to the public. This is one word or very few words to allow open interpretation.
• Artists create a ~15 min set/piece based on that promptperform them live at the final showcase.
• Anyone of any level of experience can enter as long as they can perform/play a piece that fits the theme.
• Any genre is accepted, but please match the theme!
• Samples, synths, vocals or other audio sources are fine, but you’ll need to be self-contained. We’re thinking of something that can be performed with a laptop or gear in an approx 3×3 table space and have a single pair output. (we’re not externally micing – one output only).
• This isn’t a competition, but a thematic exhibition – have fun with it!

The final showcase party is set for
Friday, December 13th at brillobox.

If you’d like to sign up to participate, read the details below and then, DM https://www.facebook.com/ultima.bazaar.pgh or contact geoff.maddock+ultima.bazaar@gmail.com

More info on the showcase / party as the date gets closer!


||| Additional info for participants…

Participants of any level of experience are welcome, as long as you can produce a 15 min audio set on the theme. To submit, send me your real name and your performance name as well as an email for contact and any additional questions. If we get an abundance of responses (over the allotted number), I will ask for a demo from non-established artists.

We’ll be looking to fill up to twelve (12) 15-min audio slots, and up to eight (8) 30-min video slots.

I’ll have an open sign-up for one week, or until all of the slots have been filled in each category (audio and video). If we end up with more participants than slots, I’ll do a drawing to select participants, and offer anybody who did not make it first chance to participate in the next edition.

With 30 remaining days on Nov 13th, we’ll do a check in and finalize the lineup. Just want to make sure everybody who has signed up has some material in the works. If anyone has to drop out, we’ll revisit the people interested for additional participants.

Due to the number of sets we’d like to facilitate for this, we ask that all artists keep their setup to approximately 3’ x 3’ and provide one pair of outputs (ideally 1/4”, but we will provide conversion). There is no limitation on type gear, but please consider that there will be minimal set-up and breakdown time. We won’t be able to facilitate full bands, and ask that for this edition, each slot is filled by one person. The more fun and interactive a set you can put together the better!

Depending on interest we’ll also compile the results onto some sort of free or pay what you want digital release (this is 100% opt-in).

The first edition is scheduled for Friday December 13th at Brillobox, and the initial theme announcement is on October 10th 2019.

Thanks for your interest and stoked to see how this comes together!

||| FAQ
Q: Can i pre-record my set / video?
A: Yes, but making it interactive, either through controllers, performance, on the fly elements or something else is highly recommended! For video, a pre-rendered set is more acceptable, but live manipulation even better.

Q: Is this a competition?
A: Not a competition, but a showcase and theme party showing what local artists can do with a theme and two months of time. You should wow us, but fun is the bottom line!

Q: Can I do both an audio AND video set?
A: The intention is for participants to sign up for either a 15 min audio set or a 30 min video set. But if there are open slots, you can sign up for both.

Q: Can I plan a collaboration with an audio or video artist who is also participating?
A: If you’re both in and you want to have them match up, we’ll try to facilitate that, but depending on the complexity of the schedule, we can’t guarantee that.

Q: For the showcase, who is getting paid?
A: After any base costs for the venue etc., we’ll split any cover between all participants.

Q: What are the future themes going to be?
A: Open to suggestion, but some ideas: Robots, Space, Supernatural, Conspiracy, Animals/Nature

[MIX] Cutups – ILLUSIONS XVIII – Black Portal

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Eighteenth mix in the #ILLUSIONS mix series,
Recorded for Halloween 2019
mixed by cutups

dark echos from obsidian pools and blackened portals

More info:

Ossa Coronata – Ghosts Dragging A Corpse
Badass Wolf Shirt – Candle For The Devil (@badasswolfshirt)
Belief Defect – Disembarking Horizons (@beliefdefect)
Alex & Toyko Rose – Strngr (@alexofficialuk)
Aspect – Stand Clear (@aspectog)
Overlook – Sleight of Hand (@osirismusic-uk)
Slasher Dave – Detroit 1984 (The Night Before) (@user-810080733)
Mega Drive – Terror Eyes (@megadrivemusic)
Sidewalks and Skeletons – Alice Practice (@jakeleeismyname)
FacexHugger – Neon Death (@facexhugger)
Estado Critico – Don’t Care About Anything (@metamoto)
Cardinal & Nun – Your Bones (@cardinalandnun)
Diasiva – Meson (@diasiva)
Flesh – Heresy (@fleshhorrornoisebeat)
HlfMssd – Delusion (@half-massed)
Wolf Arm – Wire Veins (@wolf-arm)
VHS Glitch – Until The Last Drop of Blood (@vhs-glitch)
Neud Photo – Suspicion (@neudphoto)
Autumns – Notice Me (@autumns)
We Are Magonia – Electric Guillotine (@wearemagonia)
Neuromancer – Apollo (@user-249970150)
Broken English Club – Vermin (@brokenenglishclub)
Aemit – Devourer (@aemitofficial @fleisch-berlin)
Multiple Man – High On The Hog (@multipleman)
Magnified Desire – Dead Flowers (@magnifieddesire)
Alessandro Adriani & Michel Amato – The Language of Numbers (@alessandro-adriani-mnq)
Catharsis – Perception Through the Circle
Reka – Diving The Innermost (@rebeca)
Ye Gods – Becoming (@antonmaiof)
Badass Wolf Shirt – Julia II
Redemption – Embrace (@rdmptnmusic)
Zomb – Celestial (@xxxxzomb)
R@ – Cardi (@plasmaabuse)
W/Out – They Saw Us Living There (@thisiswithout)
Pearl White – Solflare (w/ Niteboi) (@pearlywhite)
Yamo – Gemini
Dotmpeg – Chronos (@dotmpeg)
Deadcrow – Interlinked (@deadcrxw)
She Past Away – Disko Ankslyete (@shepastaway-music)
Silent EM – Don’t Crash So Fast (@silentem)
Twin Tribes – Fantasmas
Witches Rune – Twilight
Deadcrow – End World
Ainoma – November, 2019 (@lexrif)

Sat Oct 5th BxC Collective Pres: Vytear, Skymall, Divtech, Qancel, Morgantics @ 3577

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BxC Boiz r B4ck

-=sUmmOnIng A spEcIAl gAthErIng=-
Vytear [Occult Research, NM]
Vytear combines expert synthesis with fragmented rhythms to create a singular IDM experience

Skymall [Addict Records]
mangled electronic mastermind with releases on Addict and Schematic labels

Elements of punk and hardcore vs breakcore meet as high intensity digital hardcore

Qancel (fka Tall Timber) [PITT]
hard percussion & squishy electronics


$10 – 9pm
3577 Studios

Come early for MESH: Day Rave techno jams & a discounted entry
Respect the space

Fri Oct 4th Heavy Handed w/ N-Type & Joe Nice! @ Cattivo

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Come one, come all, to Pittsburgh’s 2019 Heavybass title bout:

We bring 2 of the world’s best deep dubstep selectors in a match-up of epic proportions.

N-Type (Croydon London, UK) – Wheel & Deal Records / Rinse FM
Since the beginning of dubstep, N-Type has been truly instrumental in its progression as a DJ, producer and label boss. His heavy and dark sound is known to smash dancefloors to smithereens and this performance will no doubt, be the same.

Joe Nice (Baltimore, MD) – Gourmet Beats / Sub FM
Matching N-Type in nearly all categories, Joe’s musical selections are almost as infectious as his presence behind the decks. A true force to be reckoned with both mentally and physically, Joe’s gym bag will be overflowing with fresh dubplates to work over.

Cutups – Grime Set
Void – Dub Set
Varden Armstrong – Deep Dubstep

Event Details:
$15 limited advance tix / $20 at door

Cattivo – downstairs & non-smoking
146 44th St. (Lawrenceville)

Top quality sound re-enforcement by Mike Maddas

Heavy Handed is a collective dedicated to pushing the heavy, but mature sounds of deep dubstep, grime and dub.

Sat 9/28 LIKE A VILLAIN, Barbara D-A, RBL + Gia F., PvKvSv, DJCutups @ Collission

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Warehouse gig at Collision: email collisionpgh@gmail.com for address

Holland Andrews is a singer, composer, improvisor, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist and touring musician recently relocated from Portland, OR to New York City. Andrews, a self-taught extended-technique vocalist and musician, has garnered reputable attention for their lush array of vocalizations and sonorous arrangements that consist mostly of their voice, clarinet, and effects. The compositions of Andrews can begin sparsely, almost uncannily; a single measure to begin the momentum of which only builds and destabilizes, builds and restabilizes until, at a point of pure catharsis, when the layered orchestration has reached its completion, Andrews begins to wail, connecting to something unseen and powerful in full control of their own voice; a feat that feels both energetically raw and impressively curated. Andrews’s influences are as wide-reaching as their performance, ranging from Arvo Pärt, Stephen Sondheim, and Diamanda Galas to the experimental terrains of ambient, improvised and noise music.

Dark psychedic cello conjuring

A/V + performance collaboration of
from the well-traveled and transgressive

experimental ambient/ hip-hop

Opening industrial moto-techno video by 1980 SPECIAL TWIN promptly at 9:30

Afterparty and dancing with DJ CUTUPS

Doors at 9:00, $5-10 for touring artist. No underage drinking.

HALLOWEEN w/ Sorsari x Mrkryl (CA), FiveStarHotel, Ky Voss, Cutups @ Brillobox

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Thursday Oct 31st
an epic dark and wavey halloween ritual

with guest incantations from…

terrorrhythm / vibe digital / sekai collective
wave wizards from the dark north

plus local witch-craft…

body horror beats / pgh

darkwave / glow pop / pgh

plus halloween tricks and treats from

Dark, haunting and holographic vibes all night.
Costumed spirits are welcome and encouraged.

9PM – dead
$10 cover

4104 Penn Ave

Synodic: DJ Musheen Gurrl, Cutups, Spednar @ Belvederes

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It’s that time again, Synodic #3 will be taking place at the lovely Belvederes Ultra-Dive.

This time we are going for hours of high energy music by:

DJ Musheen Gurrl [???]
We heard this person knows how to DJ

Cutups [LazerCrunk, BxC Collective, WRECKED]
pandimensional mix master with an unbeatable knowledge of audio nuggets

Spednar [Cosmic Sound, BxC Collective]
Cosmic Dad stepping up from playing pool

$0 Cover
21+ – No Cover – No Bullshit
Tip your Bartenders
Come and have a good time


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Friday Aug 9th


with special guest

Liquid Ritual / Terrorhythm / The Hague, Netherlands

Shimmering melodies and cinematic atmospheres underpinned with harder trap and bass sensibilites are at the core of the wave sound that Deadcrow has helped define. Experience the newest sound of your sci-fi neon reality with a leader in one of the richest emerging genres

plus residents mixing up all the future jams


Plus live lazers, good friends, stiff drinks,
futuristic sounds and lots of fun.

$10 cover / 10PM – 2AM / 21+

Brillobox 4104 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA


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105 min mix of smooth and rugged UK garage, future garage, bassline, 2-step and uk funky jams, both hot buttered and classic
recorded june 2019

Residency | Lazercrunk @ Brillobox
contact / bookings: geoff.maddock@gmail.com

mind of a dragon – lemonade
smokey bubblin b – yang
redlight feat sweetie irie – zum zum
matt craig – bacon fries
unknown artist – unknown
darkzy & example – drops (moad remix)
on1 – slinky (fork and knife remix)
murder he wrote – honey riddim
soundbwoy killah – the bounce
mind of a dragon – omg
kastle – 4 real
martyn – recon
yak – don greno
tuff culture – the one
dj madd – take it down low
cellardore – get right inside
para – so excited
artful dodger & craig david – re-rewind (the crowd say boo selecta)
izco – mr dred
wolfe – do me right
exit99 – it’s a long way
higgo – interlude
killjoy – disturbance
stanton warriors feat stush and foreign beggars – they follow
glacci – reflector
warp addicts – ruffneck n’ rugged
deckstar – make it through (checan remix)
dismantle x champion – body bag
roska x jus now – eedyat thing featuring fox
123mrk – pleasure
arkist – out of the sun
madd again – bawlout (flava d remix)
sekt-87 – gangster
liam b – bricklayer
ciara ft ludacris – oh (juicy joints 2-step mix)
horsepower productions – when you hold me
gella – twinkle
sorrow – aesthetics
dj deller – romantic call
submerse – searching
horsepower productions – rude boyz
menta – sounds of the future
r.i.p. productions – ice cream
trg – decisions
untold – dante
burial – claustroUK Garagebassfuture garagebashment2-stepuk funky

Sat June 29th LAZERCRUNK Outlook Launch Party w/ Sam Binga (UK) + Mr. Yukk @ Brillobox

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Our summer blowout!

saturday june 29th

11th Anniversary and official OUTLOOK FEST Launch Party!

with special guests
Critical, Astrophonica, Cosmic Bridge, Bristol UK

The ever-exploratory Sam Binga is one of those artists who has managed to infuse all of the UK’s musical subcultures into a tantalizing sound portrayal and discography. Toting a range of influences from garage, grime, drum & bass, jungle, juke, dubstep, dancehall, reggae, and more, the Bristol-based artist has yet to hold back on revealing his interests and pursuits. Binga has steadily thrown himself into the industry as a genre-defying musician and high-energy party starter who can mash down any dancehall.

and support from

Known for his heavy sounds, Austin is taking a huge step away from his normal “tear out” dubstep productions and is stretching out into flavors of grime and wave music

plus resident djs
mixing up all the newest jams,
and probably a few classics

and as always, live lasers, good friends, stiff drinks,
futuristic sounds and lots of fun!

We are also pairing with OUTLOOK FEST 2019, as Pittsburgh’s Official Launch party! Outlook fest takes place in Pula, Croatia from Sept 4-8, and is one of the world’s best festivals for bass music soundsystem culture. We’ll have some promos and give-aways coming up to get you excited! (We’ll be there!)

More info and tickets: https://outlookfestival.com

$15 cover / 10PM – 2AM / 21+

4104 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA

Since 2008 we’ve been bringing you the finest in fun, underground
bass music, lazers, goofball themes, zany graphics and all around good times. Expect all that and more at this epic anniversary party.

Fri May 17th Arcade High, NITE, Ghost Twin, DJ Cutups @ Cattivo

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Fri May 17 8 pm doors $12 adv/$15 door 21+ show
Cattivo, 146 44th St., Lawrenceville 412-687-2157 (downstairs)
tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1843166

Arcade Highhttps://arcadehigh.bandcamp.com/

80s-inspired synthwave twins from Texas

Ghost Twin (Winnipeg) https://ghosttwin.bandcamp.com/
and DJ Cutupshttps://soundcloud.com/cutups

From the Dallas Observer:

As the ’80s continue to disappear farther into the rear view mirror, the era continues to be a source of reference for a new generation of artists. From denim jackets and shoulder pad-emblazoned fashion trends to the cinematic homages of Netflix’s Stranger Things, the decade of Reagan, MTV, and New Coke continues to be in vogue. We’re even resurrecting the Cold War with Russia. The decade’s reach also expands to music, where synths, horns and lush production qualities have again begun surfacing in the sensibilities of many of today’s artists.

As the dual lead figures of NITE, a quickly rising Dallas band, twin brothers Kyle and Myles Mendes haven’t shied away from the ‘80s musical ethos. Trafficking in dreamy pop-synth soundscapes that reference some of the ‘80s touchstones, the band leans heavily into the moods and emotions of their songs. From the buoyantly infectious grooves of “Godless City” — a track that has gotten recent airplay on KXT 91.7 — to the more quietly subdued “Dream of You,” NITE’s music would fit right in on radio playlists, circa 1988.

Their influences were there from the start. When the brothers were students at the University of North Texas in Denton, they found themselves listening to lots of classic synth pop and modern pop music. “Bands like New Order, Empire of the Sun, The Cure and White Lies are some of our biggest influences,” Kyle Mendes wrote in a recent email to the Observer.

Since solidifying the band in the latter half of 2013, they’ve frequently been recording new music and working to perfect their signature sound. They’ve also been pounding the pavement, relentlessly touring across North America and sharing stages with many of their idols like Howard Jones, A Flock of Seagulls and The Alarm.

This week, we’re proud to premiere the debut video for their track “I’ll Be Back Again.” A tightly constructed song about someone overcoming the pain of the past and turning attention toward the possibilities of the future, it seems tailor-made for repeated summer listens. The video, of course, is also straight out of the ‘80s playbook.

“Hearing [the song] immediately put visions of the ’80s through the lens of John Hughes in my head,” says the video’s director, Ryan Polly. “With the NITE boys you can always expect an ‘80s vibe, but this song in particular struck me as very nostalgic for that time. Being a huge fan of John Hughes myself, I thought it would be great to create the video as sort of an homage to him.”

The pastel-tinged color palette, the sulky teenager seen lip-synching into a hairbrush and the over-the-top special effects will be familiar to anyone who’s logged hours watching cinematic treasures like The Breakfast Club or Pretty In Pink. The video is also neatly framed with an introduction and concluding coda that serve to emphasize the drama playing out onscreen.

“Genre mixing is something that I have always loved,” adds Polly. “The thought of a high school girl-led romantic comedy with hints of Marvel comic book and horror elements really excited me. I think we hit a ridiculous tone that I’m honestly very proud of.”

Polly, who along with Grant Wakefield and Daniel Routh, owns the Denton-based production company Maker Table, goes back a ways with the band and has a solid appreciation of their vibe. “Ryan also helped capture our first-ever performance as NITE for the Down Sessions, where we filmed in an old, abandoned haunted house in Denton,” Myles Mendes says. “He’s always had an eye for aesthetics that we feel enhances our work as songwriters, which is why we love working on ambitious projects with him.”

To film the video for “I’ll Be Back Again,” the band and filmmaker again assembled in and around Denton this past December with a 12-person crew. Polly’s editor, Joy Michael, locked in the picture before passing things off to Dallas-based musician/visual effects artist Rob Martinez, who in turn added some “movie magic.” Last month found the crew performing a sound design/mix session with Brad Nyght and adding in a color grade. All in all, the process took a little more than two months from start to finish.

“I’ll Be Back Again,” the third and final single off last year’s Reborn album, is serving as both a catapult into a busy touring schedule and a bookend to the album cycle. NITE are back in the studio writing and recording their third release and will perform at SXSW where they’ll kick off the Cleopatra Records’ Showcase.