new mix! Sean Millican has been organizing a mix series TARANTELLA, with friends from various pockets of the dark & broken electronic music scene, and I’m stoked to present this edition,#31

80 mins of broken techno, rhythmic industrial and esoteric electro

I also created a “video” of sorts for the mix using Midjourney and Davinci Resolve:

fausto mercier – grassland shower
iv horsemen – desert birds
blakk harbor – electric dreams
tzusing – muscular theology
restive plaggona – into the welcoming arms
cory kilduff – it’s a feature
client_03 – corruption tracker
carl finlow – wavefront
geistform – pl10.2
soft crash – spritzkrieg
vilhelm – rider
plant43 – constantly morphing entity
versalife – altered perception
liza alkin & monolog – datawerk
pruvan – beastwoman
sam kdc – dominion
ssss – fault & failure
second spectre – chaos is a ladder
3.14 – muck tolerance
statiqbloom – devout error
interviews – crawler
6siss – wait for it
kata mercado – rising
eomac – surveillance state
sectra – bloody porcelain
gorgonn – not yet surrendered
vsk – status quo
san – half in
blood trust – sky came falling
rell – hood rat’s
ziur – eyeroll feat elvin brandhi

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