Puzzle Path is an outdoor adventure game combining elements of an escape room, scavenger hunt and choose-your-own adventure where players follow clues in a story to locations to unlock a puzzle. 

I ran the first game in early Summer 2020 (Puzzle Path #1: A Covid Cure?) as something safe to do outside during the pandemic.   The first edition was lots of fun to create and people enjoyed it, so I came up with a second game (Puzzle Path #2: The Apocalypse!) game and ran it around Halloween 2020. The third edition was created in 2021, but was shelved, to be run at some point in the future. The fourth game was created with the idea of running it indoors, but I ended up running it in the Color Park in 2022 – (Puzzle Path #4: The Witches Curse)

In “The Thicket”, players are children playing in the woods who come across a magical place in the forest where they are enlisted to help save animal mystics who have been trapped by a malevolent shadow. This latest game implements some new elements and is closer in size to the first two games compared with #4. However, it’s designed to be walkable rather than needing a bike, and should be playable in about 2 hours.

I’ll be running a session on Saturday Nov 4th with times at noon, 2PM and 4PM. Reach out to geoff.maddock@gmail.com if you’re interested in signing up!

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