I’ll be doing a couple hours on the Detour show this saturday on WRCT. Pulling some wax to spin some jams in the ebm, new body, electro, acid, rave and jungle world, then switching to digital for some more modern selections across the board.

Tune in to WRCT 88.3FM in Pittsburgh, or click one of their streams on http://www.wrct.org/

voices from the lake – dreamscape generation
atilla – ritos funebres
kangding ray – serendipity march
kerridge – GOFD
hecq – nihilum
noisia – incessant
signs – vermin
kela – kosmos
shaddah tuum – merkabah
moresounds – altercations
machinecode – a thousand tales
richard devine – block, variation
the sect – xylem
blanck mass – no lite
hante – the storm
tzusing – 4 floors of whores
rrose – pentagons
future – side effects (dead remix)
maelstrom – genome
le dom – oazis (liar optimix)
korma – orlog (liar optimix)
zola jesus – go (blank sea) [xanopticon remix] (vinyl)
cti – future shock (chris carter, cosey fanni tutti, monte cazazza)
m500 – future (instrumental)
cyberkatif – temper (extended mix)
bigod20 – body to body
minstry – nature of outtakes
skinny puppy – testure 12″ mix
doubting thomas – father don’t cry
alden tyrell – disco lundar module (remix)
the hedgehog affair – second rush
criminal minds – baptized by dub
dj red alert + mike slammer – master dub
interface – toytown ep B1
dj seduction – come on
the house crew – nino’s dream
eq – total xtacy
krome & time – the slammer
ilsa gold – silke (space cube remix)

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