Friday September 15th
Cosmic Fest + bxc collective

a night of live, intense electronic music
with sets by

Hymen Records / PEACE OFF RECORDS / san francisco
Shattered synths and labyrinthine beats from our wayward wizard,
crawling out of his crypt and to the steel city for the first time in four years!

sublight / Deathsucker Records / london
Breakcore and chiptune alias of callum gun,
set to destroy, never on stun.

thac0 / lowres / bxc / pgh
Modular based Industrial Techno from Greg VanEck .
(Prometheus Burning, Four Pi Movement).

Cosmic Sound / la squadra / pgh
Odd swings, modular beats and broken riddims.

Tall Timber
future body sound / pgh
Funky layered idm and melodic drill and bass

Cosmic Sound / pgh
raucous electronics, manipulated vocals, and her mother tongue of lush digital soundscapes

live video projections by
bxc / pgh

9PM – 2AM

146 44th St,
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

About Cosmic Fest
cosmic fest is a four day long-weekend of both dance and experimental oriented electronic events coordinated by an array local promo crews. the inaugural fest is sept 14-17 2017, in pittsburgh, pa.
full fest event info at

About BxC
bxc collective is a group of friends, artists, music fans and weirdos dedicated to showcasing heavy, boundary pushing live electronic in pittsburgh, pa.

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