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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Sun July 27th ILLUSIONS Dark Entries showcase w/ Bézier, RedRedRed, Max+Mara + DJs @ Brillobox

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sunday july 27th

ILLUSIONS presents
Dark Entries 5th Anniversary label tour

with live sets from
dark, synthesizer based acts




plus A/V selections from

9PM sharp
$7 cover
at Brillobox
4104 Penn Ave

More info

Dark Entries Records


Bézier is the moniker of all-live-analog electronic wizard Robert Yang from San Francisco. Enchanted by the Cybernetic Broadcasting System (CBS), Robert started DJing as Robot Hustle, joining the Honey Soundsystem collective in 2007. Robert writes hooks, patterns and melodies in an automatic, stream of consciousness fashion. Memory and nostalgia play a big part in constructing his music.


Dark Entries is proud to introduce the debut album by REDREDRED, a contemporary artist from San Francisco. Michael Wood, formerly of duo Primary Colors, began this project in 2012, taking inspiration from Front 242, Einsturzende
Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle, Nietzsche and Sartre. Wood utilizes a simple setup of vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines, and records them on reel-to-reel.


Collaboration of Mara (Group Rhoda) and Max (Brotman and Short), debut ‘Less Ness‘ out on Dark Entries Records

This collaboration began in 2012. Max is based in Oakland and has been a part of various projects most notably Brotman and Short and his current solo work as Business Etiquette. Mara is based in San Francisco and is known for her solo work as Group Rhoda

On “Less Ness” they worked with a hardware set up: 808 and Elektron drum machine, Moog, MAM, and Sequential Circuits synth with splashes of Mono/Poly and collage elements, vocoder lines and dubbed out vocals. They step away from the the computer as much as possible and prefer that their ideas can be traced back to the tools so that a sense of physicality remains. They find inspiration from all kinds of far out sounds, most notably dub, industrial, and various drug culture tangents. Lyrically the songs revolve around topics such as escapism, looking though cultural windows, and character role development. Some songs are a bit more surrealist in content with elements of hard realism and critical commentary.

is a reoccurring night featuring live acts and djs touching on the darker side. a mix of live acts, djs, video, and installation, we try to feature the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, witch house, minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc.
curated by cutups, edgar um, telladictorian and vaneck.

Fri July 11th LAZERCRUNK w/ Headphone Activist @ Brillobox

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friday july 11th

Cold chill, kick back and enjoy a refreshing

// low life //
~ the champions of bass ~

with guest

deluxxx records / 1337 / pgh

plus premium resident refreshment by

$5 / 10PM – 2AM / 21+

at the
4104 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Lazercrunk is every second friday of the month at Brillobox. Each month residents Cutups & Keebs present in the best in new, forward thinking and fun party jams from the dance music underground, along with special guests from around the country and the world.

Week of June 22nd: Blotter

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Back to the weekday “grind” if you want to call it that. More than a few good things on the docket this week. Here’s my picks.



$20 Presales –

1337 Proudly Presents

♦ ANDY C ♦

In the world of electronic music, there are few bigger names than that of Andy C.

Regarded as one of the greatest DJs ever to touch a turntable, the Ram Records founder has relentlessly dedicated almost two decades of his life to the music he loves, flying across the globe week in, week out, to demonstrate a mastery of craft that has earnt him a status as one of the most iconic and important figures in global dance music culture.

▶ Local Support ◀
● CUTUPS & KEEBS ● (Lazercrunk/412DNB)
● GUFT ● (1337)

▌$20 Presales / $25
▌17 +
▌9pm – 2am

▌The Rex Theater
▌1602 East Carson St.
▌Pittsburgh, Pa


wild-ass basement freaks from Boston on Tzadik / NNA Tapes

body-horror prog-lounge orchestra from Chicago on SKiN GRAFT Records

with lokillz RADON CHONG and OUTLANDER


Howlers Coyote Cafe
4509 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224


$5 – $7 Donation At Door For Touring Bands

(BYOB or just pay whoever brings the dang hooch)

(Mission Trips // Atlanta, GA)

___ “Faun and a Pan flute are a 9-piece orchestral/experimental/psychedelic rock ensemble (incorporating marimba, cello, sax, tuba, etc) with an interest in sprawling composition and collective improvisation. They labor intensely to create pieces of music that are dynamic, challenging, and, they hope, beautiful… ” – Mission Trips

(Kendra Steiner Editions, Holodeck Records // Austin, TX)

___ “Snippets of what appears to be drugged-out classical music, field recordings, short bursts of noise, and perhaps some recorded instrumentation all factor into the primordial ooze that Hipólito conjures forth from his array of loops. Suspenseful and subtle, the nine compositions unfold in a lumbering pace, like shifting tectonic plates… ” – Decoder Magazine

(Mission Trips, Public Guilt // Atlanta, GA)

___ “Magicicada is a solo experimental electronics artist whose sound has been described as a dark and ever-shifting sprawl of sounds presents a beautifully grotesque display. Jumping from macro-noise collages and spastic free improvisation to highly focused broadcasts of frazzled drone, White reveals his perfected hand in fine tuned post-production… ” – Bobby Power

(Pittsburgh, PA)

___ True sidewalk surfers — Lo-fi. Punk. Reverb. Satan. Skateboards. Good Beer. Heave Evil.

(Pittsburgh, PA)

___ Minimal experimental dub/ ambient from the mind of Stephen Hager.

Abandoned Store
2448 Woodstock Ave, Swissvale, Pennsylvania 15218


Begrime Exemious
Blackened Death Metal from Edmonton, Canada

Wrought Iron
PGH Black Metal

Post Mortal Possession
PGH Death Metal

Cryptic Yeast
Electronic Metal

Howlers Coyote Cafe
4509 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224


THURSDAY JUNE 26 CHICHA LIBRE on Barbes Records from NYC.

Chicha Libre plays a mixture of latin rhythms, surf and psychedelic pop inspired by Peruvian music from Lima and the Amazon. The Brooklyn collective is made up of French, American, Venezuelan and Mexican musicians who mix up covers of Peruvian Chicha with original compositions in French, Spanish and English, re-interpretation of 70’s pop classics as well as cumbia versions of pieces by the likes of Satie, Love and Wagner.

Chicha is originally the name of a corn-based liquor favored by the Incas in pre-colombian days. Chicha is also the name of Peru’s particular brand of cumbia first made popular in the late 60’s.

Opening up will be Gena y Pena.

Doors at 6pm show around 8pm

Bayardstown Social Club
The Strip District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201


A night of sweet cacophony @ The Abandoned Store

with touring musical acts….

Melt Face
(indianapolis, IN)
heavy dance beats

Amen Modem
(indianapolis, IN)
visceral ambient, complex shapes

and locals….

Johnny Jitters
multifaced electronica
deep idm techno

devastating glitch, heavy chip sounds
(thsc0 records/unmapped north)

Bit Mummy
scummy chiptune, thrash-tronica
(datathrash records/scolex records)

Free to get in, but we are taking donations for the touring bands. Come party with us!!!!

Abandoned Store
2448 Woodstock Ave, Swissvale, Pennsylvania 15218


GOLD SERIES :: every Friday at Round Corner Cantina

Back again after memorable gigs with VIA (2011 festival, 2013 NYE) and LazerCrunk, Brenmar’s coming to make them booties pop.

Cover $10 after 10PM
$5 Champagne special 9pm-2am

New York City by way of Chicago producer and dj, BRENMAR represents a strange musical paradox. Somehow defying the odds, he marries the artificial gloss of commercial R’n’B and Hip Hop with the urban grittiness of underground dance music (Chicago ghetto house, UK bass, Jersey club). His remixes/edits/and productions have taken him to both coasts of the U.S., Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia and the EU – frenzying crowds with his up-tempo, neon-drenched tunes. Always difficult to define, the elements that make up Brenmar’s music contain an extravagant medley of influences. Take a pinch of Mannie Fresh snares, a handful of DJ Rashad toms, a dose of basslines from the UK, a generous portion of Hot 97 vocalists, poach it all in a synthesizer broth, and garnish with some Timbaland sheen. You’re getting close.

(aka Lauren G ) Co-founder of VIA, her dj sets are rumored to make a few azzs drop. Why she’s coming to the party as the Boo is still unknown.

Vince Gancia is a young and talented performer. Classically trained in music, having played violin, guitar, and piano, his ear for music was formed at a very early age. Vince was a part of numerous state orchestra’s as well as participating in his school’s program for nine years. In college, he hosted his own radio show for two seasons. Bamboo has just recently stepped in Pittsburgh’s club scene, rocking lounges and nightclubs around the city every weekend. He has also competed in numerous DJ Battles across the country (1st place Combat DJ Battle Pittsburgh, 2nd place WATC/InkFest Live Washington DC, National finalist [4th overall] Coast2Coast DJ Battle Miami, Florida). Bamboo recently finished as 2nd runner up in the 2013 Red Bull Thre3style – Pittsburgh. With a great ear for music and eye for the crowd, Bamboo will definitely keep your dance floor packed. For bookings please e-mail or fill out the booking form on the website.

Round Corner Cantina
3720 Butler St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201


Obvious Productions is proud to present another of our favorite Dirtybird artists, Christian Martin.

-Christian Martin// Dirtybird (SF)

@[null:] @[null:]

-Gusto//DETOUR (PGH)

-Tenova// Obvious (PGH)

Lasers by: Doctor sound System


June 27th
$10// 9:30 pm- 2:00 am// 21+
Belvederes Ultra-Dive
4016 Butler Street
Pittsburgh 15201



Saturday June 28th come celebrate the 4th anniversary of The Mind Cure Records store and also the 4th anniversary of business at 3138 Dobson St in Polish Hill. We will also be wrapping up the year of singles that came out each month since last year with the release of the last single in the series and if all goes to plan have the complete box sets of all 12 singles available for sale. More details to come!

Mind Cure Records
3138 Dobson Street, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219


CommonWealth Press and TROIKAskateboards are having a grill out skate demo thing w w bands Carousel and Tilts this sunday. free show. free hot dogs. game of skate w prizes.
inand out of the Murderroom

Commonwealth Press Warehouse
23rd St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

Week of June 15th: Blotter

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Took a week off to head to the beach and do other fun stuff. I’m actually tired of saying that relaxing is more tiring that working.
Had a super fun LAZERCRUNK this past friday with guest Shiftee, hit up Park Bruge, the Arts Fest, Ian Michael Black’s comedy show and the OJO’experience’ that Bricolage put together,
hung with the family for father’s day and capped it off with the Game of Thrones season finale. Couldn’t really ask for more.

Mostly avoided digital un-reality for the past week, but catching up on some goings on, here’s a few things I can recommend this week:


$4 – $5 Donation At Door For Touring Bands

(APT 421 Tapes, Vague Output // Baltimore, MD)

___ All-hardware electronic noise musician, Josh Laskin, emerges from the Baltimore underground on a brief tour of the east-coast. Exhibiting a wide array of textures, Laskin conjures sonic imagery that lies somewhere between ethereally busted and the utterly dismal.

(Firehazard Records // Pittsburgh, PA)

___ Found object, broken instrument & tape improvisation.

(Pittsburgh, PA)

___ Well-versed in rhythms, noise (and pseudonyms), Micah Blackwell takes an unpredictable approach to sound, utilizing diverse set-ups and unique arrangements… expect the unexpected!

(Turtle Creek, PA)

___ The claustrophobic harsh noise/ power electronics offerings of Eric Ross. In the words of the man himself, “depressing sounds presented by someone full of fucking nothing.”

(Unknown Tone Records, Firehazard Records // West Mifflin, PA)

___ Improvised sound-collages and manipulated analog samplings from the buckled & dripping mind of Zach Katonik.

Abandoned Store
2448 Woodstock Ave, Swissvale, Pennsylvania 15218



ex-Bluderbuss/Don Cab just finished new LP for Relapse!!

new 7″ on Mind Cure coming soon, chief!!

split 7″ with Communion Of Thieves out now!!

Lava Lounge
2204 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

TOMASZ SKOWROńSKI – Apteka, Salad Daze(WRCT)


Visuals by
Ben Tabas

We’re excited to have our friend and all around shining individual Tomasz do a set for us. Weekly he charms our ears with his selection of synthesized sounds on “Salad Daze” his weekly radio show on WRCT. Monthly he fills our bellies as one of the driving forces behind Pierogi Night and the catering business Apteka. Whether you catch him behind the decks or in the kitchen, you can always count on him to bring a smile to your face.

The residents will be providing sunshine filled sets of the house, techno, disco, synth, and a variety of other bright selections mixed in.

Thursday, June 19th


Friday June 20th at Belvedere’s is:

GET WEIRD! Totally Badass Action Party

Everyone remembers growing up and wanting to be like your favorite action star and blow up anything and everything humanly possible, then end up with a super sweet babe at the end. Come dressed as your favorite action star, check out the Explosive Visuals provided by ProjectileObjects, and just be a complete badass for the night.

w/ Music From Guest DJ:


and Resident Badasses:



Explosions and other Visuals By
B E L V E D E R E ‘ S
Friday June 20th
9PM – 2AM
$3 Before 11 / $5 After



Saturday is the first day of summer and we’re trying to get in the solstice mood. We’re making some bao bun sandwiches, and in the spirit of a kicked-back summer attitude, we’re taking some liberties and pulling together our favorites of south east Asian cooking to make these guys really special (we’re looking at you, Burma). So after you pull those whatchacallit wrappers off your back that you picked up at the polish hill pool, waddle on over and eat with us.
No shoes, no shirt, no problem- this is a pirate ship- that’s appropriate attire.

$10 buffet
$10 take-out (5 pierogi + 1 big bao)

As always, all vegan. Bao buns- Gluten Free.

Follow us Pierogi Night and twitter: @pieroginight

Stephen Foster Community Center
286 Main St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201


Come join Streetheart June 21 as we launch our summer mixtape “Lookin’ Lovely, Actin’ Ugly! mixed by Dan Dabber. We will be having a day party on the outside deck at IVY Pittsburgh with our favorite DJs

Dan Dabber



There will be catering from Penn Mac and some other goodies available for everyone to snack on.

This is the perfect event to grab a bottle/VIP table, there is a limited availability so call and reserve your table today!

$5 (The first 50 people thru the door receive a free cd)

IVY Pittsburgh
108 19th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Week of June 1st: Blotter

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Here are some notible things going on this week. If it’s hot out and you wanna swim, the Dormont Pool is open already. City pools open June 10th. Citiparks movies in the Park start this upcoming weekend too. You can check out the schedule here.



POST SCRIPT: I checked this out last night. Awesome show. Lately I’ve had a few experiences that made me feel like intense and experimental music w/o prescribed borders is more alive than ever. Worth a look if it rolls through your town. – cutups

Sunday June 1st 2014

tcrps prsnts

an evening of loud & quiet experimental sounds


Hospital Productions Tour


CLAY RENDERING [Mike Connelly of Hair Police, ex-Wolf Eyes and Tara Connelly: Hospital Productions]

LUSSURIA [Hospital Productions]

DUAL ACTION [Hospital Productions] live opening set by STEPHEN BOYLE [Radio Free Radio/WRCT FM: Pittsburgh]

8pm all-ages $8

The Shop
4314 Main Street
Pittsburgh PA 15224


Luna Nox Deloun – Auditory Extremophiles – presented by 3rd Eye Squeegee

Pittsburgh, June 2nd, 2014: An excavation for new and mysterious sonic species is underway, deep in the unexplored dimensions of the auditory spectrum. Reports of an unclassified group of auditory organism based on a complex crystaline structure have begun to surface. Evidence suggests the psionic abilities of these bioluminescent extremophile organisms are beginning to influence the very researchers tasked with their safekeeping….

Belvederes Ultra-Dive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

at 10:00pm – 2:00am
Jun 2 at 10:00pm to Jun 3 at 2:00am


Note from me: This is a night of new psychedelic, glitchy electronic music from the tradition of goa trance from some good doods. Dunno if it’s up my alley personally, but i may stop through just to hear what the current movements are in that area.


Sage Francis is at Altar Bar.


Tyler the Creator is at AE. I kind of totally lost track of that dood, but I imagine it could be a fun show.


PARTY AT THE MOON TOWER: Full Kegs, Everyone’s Gonna Be There

Sponsored in part by Commonwealth Press and Pittsburgh Filmmakers

School’s out for summer, so let’s get the season started right.

The evening’s festivities include:

Live performance before the film by Pittsburgh rockers CAROUSEL


$5 for non-members


DARKWAVE night at Gus’s is every thursday with residents DJs Ez Lou (of the Upstage, etc) and Michael Midnight.
It’s a young night, but they generally are playing the darkwave jams like cure, sisters, depeche mode, creatures, etc.,
and are having guest djs every week or so. This week I’ll be guest djing, and with two hour long sets, I expect
to be able to play a good bit of deathrock, punk, postpunk, minimal wave, synth pop both old and new.

Gus’s is a cool spot in the middle of Lawrenceville, with food, good beers and an outdoor area. Cool spot to chill, especially if the weather is decent.

No Cover / 21+ / 10PM – 2AM

Gus’s 4717 Butler Street



[Orange Milk Records | Brooklyn]

Seth Graham used to record as Henry Dawson but now goes under his birth name. He also used to be in a band way back that some of you may remember called Romance of Young Tigers. He now live in Brooklyn, NY and with Keith Rankin runs Orange Milk Records which was rated one of FACT Magazine’s Top 10 Labels of 2013. His collaborative album titled “Man Feelings” with Rankin under the name Cream Juice was rated the #1 Top Cassette (out of 200!) by Tabs Out. He also recently released a split with Flower Man (Chris Bush of the band Caboladies).

[Orange Milk Records | Columbus, OH]

Tha amazing sound collage project of musician and visual artist Keith Rankin. He runs the label Orange Milk Records with Seth Graham and does much of the surreal and psychedelic artwork for the releases.

“The rapid-fire lines of Giant Claw that gain momentum like the proverbial snowball will one day engulf us all. Keith Rankin has been performing under the moniker Giant Claw for the past few years, amassing an impressive cassette haul on various labels including Orange Milk (a label he co-runs with partner and Cream Juice collaborator Seth Graham), Wool and Digitalis Industries, crafting surging, ever-ascending poems to 70s Kraut demigods and thus placing himself in the crest of a wave of recent synth revivalists married to repetition and melody. Rankin is also a member of Yakuza Heart Attack.”

—Ryan H. of Goldrush Music Festival [Denver, CO]

[Pittsburgh, PA]

This may be the last show for Hunted Creatures as the current line up (at least for quite some time). The band will likely continue but after some hiatus while members Micah and Ryan concentrate on their White Reeves project. Violinist and electronics player Amy will be off to pursue Grad School in Florida. It will be very sad to see her go… so come say goodbye, goodluck and congratulations to her! There are also plans to release a new album as a cassette with artwork by Robert Beatty. That should be out this summer!

[My Idea of Fun | The Meets | Johnstown/Pittsburgh]

“Stage Hands is the new project of My Idea of Fun and The Meets ringmaster Brandon Locher, playing alongside drummer and fellow Pennsylvania native Gerald Mattis. They’ve been together just a few months and with only one track circulating, but according to Locher they plan to begin sharing new tracks throughout the year. Their first single “Regardless,” shared by our friends at Impose Magazine, is a bouncy track that plays up Mattis’ drumming and a more elaborate production angle, though it bears mentioning this and their newest single both feature a certain Sean Jackson managing quite well on KORG duties.” — Decoder Magazine

@ The Shop