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MIX: Cutups – Tachyon Bubblin (2014) [footwork – jungle – bass]

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Cutups – Tachyon Bubblin by Cutups on Mixcloud

Cutups – Tachyon Bubblin

a new mix of fast forward bass science
footwork + jungle + juke + bass

run the jewels – close your eyes
red army – creature dub
loxy & resound – paradigms
artificial intelligence – warhorse
danny scrilla – the rift
seafloor – feelings gone
mercstreet – into outerspace
arts the beatdoctor – moebius travels (julien mier remix)
rockwell – ineedu
the renegades – feel me
the dok – strings of life 94
machinedrum – hard 2 be
enei – hot plate
fidser – got my bottle
clams casino – i’m god (p-80 footwork remix)
earl & taye – do this again
silent witness – fields
rl grime – valhalla (feat djemba djemba)
dj pound – shoulder lick machine (mad zach remix)
quarta 330 – hanabi
6bloc – check the step (abstract)
dj spinn & taso – burn that kush
morphy – suspension dub
swindle – walter’s call
gillepsy – i’m web
dub phizix & strategy – buffalo charge
dubsknit – whacha gonna do
bass science – love me more
slagz & suspect bitch – 4 18s
bsn posse & pointa – we do
templa – fracture
zed bias – shizam ft stylo g (sam binga remix)
chimpo – out an bad
manni dee & deft – this one, the art of the possible
stray – la zoom
dntel – if i stay a minute
kutz – the bridge
ruffhouse – greyscale
somejerk – quantum funk
beastie respond – one more second
synkro – the way
dbridge – not known
keiska – love mind blank
cameron alan – analogic
goreshit – ring trapper
tielsie – hueboy (dj clap remix)
dj earl – time
gunjack – in da club
moondoctor x freshtilldef – gettin paid
dj rashad – let it go
sonic d – not rich not famous

Thu Oct 16th DARKWAVE night w/ Cutups @ Gus’s

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I’ll be guest djing at Ez Lou’s “Darkwave” night at Gus’s on Oct 16th.
It’s a weekly that features mostly the classics of goth / post punk / new wave,
but also weekly guest djs doing their own take on dark music, which is pretty cool.

I’ve played twice before and done multi-hour sets, which are always enjoyable.
I expect to do an hour of goth, deathrock, and post punk, and an hour of synth wave, witchhouse,
and more dancefloor material.

no cover
10PM – 2AM

4714 Butler St

Cutups – Stackin Paper Vol. 8 (2014 mix)

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Eighth mix in the split mix series from Cutups & Keeb$. Each dj presents a mega mix of cutting edge mashed up and multi-genre bass music. Stream or download a copy here from soundcloud.
You can also grab a CD copy from us at Lazercrunk while supplies last.

Lazercrunk is 2nd Friday’s at the Brillobox (4104 Penn Ave) in Pittsburgh, were we feature a fresh selection of guest djs across the spectrum of fun, cutting edge bass music.

For bookings contact paperstackers@gmail.com.

This mix was recorded by Cutups aka Geoff Maddock – geoff.maddock@gmail.com.

Cutups – Stackin Paper Vol. 8 mix
pomo – aerobix
kaytranada – at all
watermat – bullit
young thug – treasure
fisky – m stabs
destiny’s child – say my name (chloe martini jersey club remix)
maxx baer – automatic (alexandre remix)
nadus – nwxrk
broken haze – air castles
boeboe – we feelin’ (parkinson white flip)
starkey – attack
deon custom – aurora
rl grime x what so not – tell me (ganz flip)
parkinson white & kyle cook – saphire
813 – glow spray
brenmar – all this green feat. maluca and mykki blanco
druthers and drips – hit em (sinistarr remix)
funkystepz – amsterdam, girls go wild (big dope p remix)
gillepsy – esc
ticklish – neverever
footmerc – you liiiieeeeed 2 meh
dcup – don’t be shy (wave racer remix)
tielsie – palette

Keeb$’ mix here:
Cutups – Keeb-ltackin-paper-vol-8

Cutups – Sun Hits (2010 mix)

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recorded feb 2010

sun drenched idm, dubstep, techno and post-rock with a shoegaze vibe.
recorded for the excellent site percussionlab.com
Emeralds – Alive in the Sea of Information
Wisp – Morning Myth
Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar
Starkey – Black Monolith
Sebastien Tellier – L’amour Et La Violence (Floating Points Dub)
Cosmin Trg – Since Last Night
Mosca – Square One (Greena Remix)
Jinder – Youth Blood (Bok Bok Remix)
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
Cosmin Trg – Twilight Riddim
Hyetal – Neon Speech
Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling (Pangea Remix)
F – Energy Distortion
Peek – Sphyinx
Xi – Slippin
Ulrich Schnauss – on My Own
Caspa & Rusko – One of the Same
Limp – Souvlaki Space Station
Chapterhouse – We Are the Beautiful (Spooky’s Extravaganza Mix)
Sully – Reminder
Peshay – Psychosis
Goldie – Timeless (Sbtrkt Edit)
Hxdb – Macro Modular
Actraiser – Believe You
Von D – Nouvelle Bistoire
Ital Tek – Octa
Lali Puna – People I Know
Synkro – Lost for Words
Infinite Scale – Slow Down
Isan – Celia’s Dream

Cutups – Ether Binge (2009 mix)

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mix recorded 03/14/09

outer-space dubstep influenced by techno, idm and garage

tim hecker – arctic loner’s rock
starkey – spacewalk
the field – silent
eqd – equalized #002A
scuba – from within (marcel dettmann)
appleblim + peverelist – over here
untold – discipline
appleblim – vansan
shackleton – shortwave (pole remix)
headhunter – in motion
matt-u – mute soul
abz – perpetual ocean
martyn & marcus intalex – after seven
f – untitled dub
roska – elevated level
jus wan – action potential
bar 9 – one
synkro – everybody knows
skream – rimz
headhunter – grounded
l-wis – girl from codeine city
eskimo – harmony
digid – speechless
ital tek – deep pools
absense – all i do

Cutups – Fortean Crimes mix (2006)

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A mix of breakcore recorded for the JAGOFF UPRISING box set put out by THAC0 records in 2006. It’s a combination of some of my favorite, forward thinking tracks of the time plus select tracks from the compilation. It was included as an audio CD in the box set along with 2×12″s, digital mixes from C64 and a THAC0 pin.

Direct Download: http://cutupsmethod.com/audio/mixes/forteancrimes/cutups-forteancrimes.ogg

01. Resurrector – Broken (unreleased)
02. Magus – Son of Son (Advanced Idea Mechanics 2)
03. Mechanic Willow – Conflitto di Interessi (Idroscalo Dischi 4)
04. Somatic Responses – Robot Fight (Zhark 9)
05. Prometheus Burning – Acid Rephlux (unreleased)
06. Sileni – Lobe Crack (Thac0 C1)
07. Anticracy – Embarrassing Evidence (Hydrophonic 7)
08. Xanopticon – Symptom (Thac0 C1)
09. Enduser – Manoeuvre (Soothsayer 2)
10. Larvae – Empire (Enduser Remix) (Ad Noiseam 48)
11. Defazed – Coretex Run (1 Man Army 1)
12. Curtis Chip – Non-working Mouth (Zod 20)
13. Flashbulb – Binedump (Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 15)
14. Xanopticon – Lockjaw (Zhark forthcoming)
15. Shatterbreak – Shadowdeep Paradise (unreleased)
16. I:gor – Its So Empty (Noizecreator Remix) (Strike 34)
17. Aaron Spectre – Mordor (Death$ucker 12)
18. Rotator – Mutantoid Soundboy (PeaceOff Ltd 6)
19. Duran Duran Duran – Hairmetal (Mutant Sniper 3)
20. Abelcain – Danse Macabre (Zhark 17)
21. Shatterbreak – Stygian Storm Chamber (Thac0 C1)
22. Karl Marx Stadt – Ode to the Fate of Mankind (Lux Nigra 32)


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I recorded a mix for the VIA TRAPS mix series. Very nice curation thus far from folks in and outside of pittsburgh.   Didn’t go in with an exact theme, just pulled a bunch of good tunes and went with it.

Longmont Potion Castle – Centipedes
The Body – Hail to thee, everlasting pain
River Bones – 77
Valanx – Beyond Doubt (the exaltics remix)
Koordinate of Wonders – hHorizontal Rain (+5u pro)
Espectrostatic – The Wrong Side of the Portal
ic3peak – Gummy
Rone – Apache
Huron – Dark Fields
Bombardier – Unidentified
Silent Servant – The Strange Attractor
Ling – Anthracite (horra club remix)
Helix & hrdvsion – gmail
Dark0 – Plasma Cannon
Saga – Wizley
Super Duper – Diamond
Headphone Activist – The Place Beyond the Pins
Aleksi Perala – Rings of Saturn
Ital Tek – Intercruise
Squarepusher – Venus no. 17 (acid mix)