Videodrome I

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Here’s a few things in the video realm that I’ve checked out recently or been following with recommendations.


Overall, this was alot of fun, but also disjointed. It satisfied me on what I was looking for, which was awesome monster design and destruction. Godzilla himself looks incredible.
Super huge, and wide and jagged. I wish there was a bit more action to the final battles – that’s my only real complaint. There could have been more of a strong connection between the Brian Cranston part (early) and the rest of the film, but that wasn’t really what I was there for. I feel like when I see anything in IMAX, the eyepopping effect of the visuals kind of fades away after a while, but I think this one was worth seeing it in that format. Solid B movie with AAA design.


ENEMY (2013)
Not sure how I stumbled on this one, but glad that I did. It’s a simple premise – man sees his doppelganger in a movie, and seeks him out – but a great execution. It’s clearly Twilight Zone material, with touches of Eyes Wide Shut and Lost Highway. The atmosphere is excellent and haunting. I’d recommend going in without knowing anything else.

Best series on right now. This is the only current series that I never miss each week. I was doing quite a bit of speculation on who would champion Tyrion, and it was an interesting reveal this week. I really don’t know where things are going on many fronts. Overall, I’m very into the Ayria and Hound’s journey, as they may just be working their way up towards being their own bandit duo. It’s been a bit repetitious, but I’m also pretty interested to have seen the eastern part of the world become more revealed with Daenyres’ marches. I feel like Stanis’s camp is still the most mysterious, very curious to see what role he plays. Basically, if you’re not on top of this, you should get on top of this show.

The ways Adventure Time veers of the path are myriad. In S05, I was starting to wonder if they were getting TOO meta with the show. Even though I love it, it helps to have some grounded things, and then counter them with the weirdness. With this season, they brought in a few new interesting and grounded elements with Finn’s search for his dad and dealing with his arm. But then they did this. Jake’s tail stretches out in the middle of the night to become a clown and join the circus. Amazing style and emotional notes here with not that much to work with.
This EP was done by the same guy who did SSSH, which was another amazing concept, and it makes alot of sense. Supposedly they’re taking a break soon on new episodes soon, alas.

A few other notes. Louie is back, and still good. Mondays. Been watching the new Mad Men eps, and they are decent, but I’m overall less compelled than in past seasons. I wish they were all done so I could burn through them rather than waiting. I burned through Broad City in one day. It was described to me as the female Workaholics, and while it’s a bit less wacky over the top, it’s apt. Worth a watch for sure. I wish there was a new totally weirdo cartoon or series out there, i could go for one.

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