Every Thursday resident DJ EZ Lou presents guests DJ’s spinning their take on Darkwave. Tonight Cutups returns.

Some mixes:

Gus’s Cafe
4717 Butler St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201

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  • cutups says:

    here’s my setlists from thursday. thanks to the peeps who made it out in the icy darkness and for don for holding things down as well.
    the bellicose minds – tension building
    cemetary – shadowplay
    revenge of nephthys – senseless
    the cure – one hundred years
    the danse society – dance/move
    in death it ends – silence
    decades / failures – tell me how
    slow pulse – vice grip
    arctic flowers – technicolor haze
    batz in the belfry – come and die
    this cold night – end of me
    hante – one more dance
    shadowhouse – start again
    a touch of hysteria – death cart
    infidel – ministry of hate
    bauhaus – dancing
    metra flurr + modernista – medizine
    (((0))) – death march
    autumn – night in june
    nun – evoke the sleep
    oto – anyway
    kas product – so young but so cold
    neon – drivin’
    skeleton hands – ghost
    black city lights – give it up
    perturbator – i am the night
    depeche mode – policy of truth
    teeel – galilean moons
    misogi – blackheart
    existemy – over glass
    annex – day of the lords
    la fete triste – levres froides
    lucy – the self as anothe (eomac remix)
    lakker – mountain divide
    maelstrom – adversarial design
    andras – ten of swords
    blush response – heathen life (statiqbloom mix)
    fraunhofer diffraction – cure
    synthamesk – evil
    crim3s – stress
    spiritual bat – mosaic
    micheal boyd – unsolved mysteries theme
    unison – darkness

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