Saturday June 11th
Boo Lean and Cobra present

all night dj set

with vjing from KEEBS

dancefloor evolutions: a trip from pre-millienium tension through post-rave hybrids, guest dj cutups digs into the deep crates to mix and blend your night in four distinct movements
featuring live visuals created by keebs

[1] trip hop and shoegaze
[2] punk funk and indie disco
[3] early rave into the breakbeat era
[4] post-dubstep hybrids
10PM – 2AM | 21+

Presales and table Reservations at

More about Cutups:
Cutups is Geoff Maddock, a music fan and long-time dj from Pittsburgh. You can find them performing at raves, club nights, art spaces, noise shows or anywhere else with creative or progressive presentations. They are currently a resident dj and promoter of the club night: Lazercrunk, and regularly craft new mixes that they share on soundcloud

More about Keebs:
Keebs is Todd Keebler, long time Pittsburgh dj, promoter, music fan and overall uniter. As a co-creator of Lazercrunk, he has developed a deep arsenal of audio visual skills and tools, including lasers, projection mapped visuals and unique live video editted sets that he pairs with both his own mixes and touring artists from all over.

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