The 412DNB night has christened it’s new night…


FAZE will be the 3rd Saturday of every month.
Musical selections provided by the 412DNB residents,
crew alumni and guests.

No cover.

This month we have:

JTS aka Jake the Snake aka *Just the Sandwich – Former FUZZ!! resident Jake Britsch will be our guest this month.

with residents:

Absolut (412DNB, Lazercrunk)
Cutups (412DNB, Lazercrunk)

Starts at 9pm and goes til 2am

One Comment

  • cutups says:

    Good times. Glad to see so many d&b peeps out!

    here’s what I played:
    cern – don’t leave me
    seafloor – all i need
    ital tek – vector
    mercstreet – crows nest
    ticklish – do it right
    dbridge – not known
    synkro – the way
    artificial intelligence – my soul
    clarity – segment
    system – sound man
    mercstreet – wooden ships
    raymskaya – talk x
    earl & taye – do this again
    pfm – the western
    seafloor – let me go
    bsn posse & pointa – we do
    addison groove & sam binga – 11th
    house of black lanterns – take control
    stray – la zoom
    defrag – the tortoise rotting
    rockwell – *)*[808]
    fracture – sick wid it
    keiska – love mind blank
    darren keen – diamond
    08h5 – p.o.p.
    taso – luchini vip (ft. rashad & spinn)
    machine girl – fantazy flakez
    aphex twin – papat4 (pineal mix)
    klute – natural observer
    pzg & dubsknit – desirave
    fidser – got my bottle
    pzg & dubsknit – pacific 808
    clams casino – i’m god (p-80 footwork remix)
    michael jackson – human nature (makoto & specialist remix)
    broken haze – flash step (gillepsy remix)
    taso – like what
    s-type – amoco
    rockwell – ineedu
    durkin + sevnthwonder – stutterstutter
    dub phizix & strategy – buffalo charge
    shy fx – bambaataa

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