Introducing this new forum. It’s intended to be open-topic, moderated, pittsburgh-based (but not exclusively), simple and have modern features.

Feel free to sign up and add to the conversation, and pass on to thoughtful people who are interested in building an active, intelligent forum on topics like music, technology, philosophy, diy culture, daily bullshit, “what’s going on this week”, animated .gifs, wtf moments, movie & tv recommendations, gaming, etc.

I’ve always been a fan of forums, and have been a bit bummed by the death of them generally (really: for a few years). I love the simplicity of this forum, and the people that have been part of it really have and do make it one of the best ones left.

But I’ve also been looking to find something with modern features yet simple, to see if I couldn’t re-spark a new interest, especially among friends and acquaintances who have never been or aren’t part of this forum for some reason.

No clue if it will be able to get traction, but feel free to check it out.

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