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Week of April 27th: Blotter

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Managed to check out Wolf Eyes and Gothtrad this past friday. In a way I wish they could have literally dovetailed, as there were lots of points of resonance between them. Art All Night was also enjoyable in the way that it celebrates everybody’s talents on the same level without judgement. I’m so down with that. Shout out to Andres for making it even more fun.

Here’s what’s going on this week:



CRIMINAL CODE – ex GAG from OLYMPIA, WA on deranged records, iron lung records, etc.)

HERO DISHONEST – hardcore punk from FINLAND

ZEITGEIST – babes in the front, parent in the back

SILENCE – dark post punk graveyard walking type jams

The Shop
4314 Main Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224


HOT DATE (Brooklyn)

Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics (cellular chaos)
Chris Welcome – guitar, electronics (mothguts)

In search of the same sound, an upright bass no longer functions in the supporting role and a guitar is not used as a melodic or chordal instrument. An instrument is only a tool used to achieve the whole palette of sounds. All hierarchy of pitch, rhythm and form are abolished. Any structures that occur arise independently and organically. From the highest to lowest frequencies and from the purest tones to the noisiest textures, all are achievable.

Dream Weapon

Jim Storch

Hunted Creatures

at Bunker Brojects 5106 Penn Ave



electronic music :

Hiro Kone (live) brooklyn

Relative Q (live) pittsburgh

Slinky (compact discs) pittsburgh

admission : $7
beer : $1 each
ceci n’est pas une rave.
Wood Street Gallery 601 Wood Street



UNBLURRED Gallery Crawl all up and down Penn Ave. Too much to list. But Keebs and myself will be playing tunes
at Daily Bread / Streatheart 5450 Penn Ave during/after the crawl.


Friday May 2nd

wild world music party
featuring special guest BOOGAT plus surprise guests…




We’re sorry to have kept you waiting- we falafel…, eh?
Let us make it up to you with one of our favorites, some beautiful green balls with other stuff in a pita. We promise to handle with care.
That and 2 lovable pierogi- one’s the young wild guy on the force, and the other is the grizzly veteran who’s seen to many of these damn pierogi nights. Both are trying to figure out how to keep you guys full and off the streets!
You’ll have to come out to see how it all works out.

$10 buffet
$10 take-out (5 pierogi + 1 falafel)

As always, all vegan.

Follow us Pierogi Night and twitter: @pieroginight

Stephen Foster Community Center
286 Main Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201



FREE Show of some great electronic bands!
10pm start

Hi-Life Wedding (Electro Pop Duo on tour from Australia)
Hailing from Darwin, NT this catchy duo hops around the whole world playing on many many coasts every year. Come check em out while they are stateside!

8Cylinder (PGH)
“Early 8cylinder material was fast, aggressive breakcore — “people would move to it; it’s not really dancing, it’s more of a freak-out kind of thing” — but the most recent 8cylinder releases are more downtempo and cerebral. There are beats, but there’s also noise and sound sculpture.” – PGH CityPaper

Troxum (PGH)
Troxum is a cosmic electronic artist in Pittsburgh, PA. His music is inspired by rainforests, sub-atomic dance parties, terraforming planets and moonscape racetracks. His first EP Gaia Omen will be released on Telefuture Records in summer 2014 (

The Smiling Moose
1306 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203



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