Saturday March 14th
Pittsburgh Electronic Music Record Fair

Vendors selling records, plus CDs, tapes, gear and memorabilia
All styles of electronic music welcome.

All ages / 1PM – 6PM
Free to attend and to vend.

We currently have about 17 vendors, both collectors selling one crate, to former shops selling a large number of crates!

Taking place at:
Ace Hotel Ball Room (2nd floor)
120 S. Whitfield St. Pittsburgh

* Do yourself a favor and patronize the hotel, restaurant,
bar and/or coffee shop!

Additional information for vendors:
Anybody interested in participating – shoot me a PM or email ( and include:
– Your name
– Your “shop name” if applicable
– General description of what you have to sell
– Rough amount of crates worth that you could see bringing (i may cap this depending on interest)
– Email, phone and best method of contact
– Your discogs page or shop website.

There will be tables and chairs provided by the space. I’m going to try to facilitate setting up some “public” listening stations, but feel free to bring your own, there will be power. We may set up a PA as well, I’ll sort that out a bit later. If you deal in lots of music, please note that this is focused on electronic music so make your best call on what to bring.

If you have any questions DM or email me

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