90 mix of bone rattling broken anti-biological technoid rhythms
broken bass, industrial techno, futurist electro and tripped acid sounds
recorded january 2019

In addition, I’ll be djing in these realms at Hot Mass [Detour] w/ Locals ONLY on February 16th, along with Alex Is, Morgantics and Spednar. It’ll be fun to bring our no-holds approach to that night!

umwelt – time crystal
simo cell- how do u turn this on
bruce – elo
lurka – battery
paleman – yrs ago
blawan – kaz
ploy – ramos
martyn – everything is new
agrippa – harbour run 
214 – snow banks
le dom – castle owner
chontane – clutch
pinch – ahh ff sss
scalameriya – dazzling grim
rory st john – rotoscopus
ansome – vakuum
minimum syndicat – mass evacuation
jaquarius – gooseka the slippery
SDX – 38 + Broken
AQXDM – aegis
LSDXOXO – smoke of the skunk
textasy – i’m the needle
dj seduction – hardcore heaven (heaven mix)
underground resistance – electronic warfare (take control mix)
timothy j fairplay – hard ticket to haiti
glass figure – cold eyes
schwefelgelb – obwohl es so aussleht
popsimonova – drive
the mover – shadow deception
scanone – smoke machine
linea aspera – malarone
jensen interceptor, assembler code – kinematics
shinra – pinwheel
cherriep – alkaline

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