Fifth scheduled live mix session of the pandemic. New tunes in the first hour, and a mix of synthpop, electro, ebm and wave for the rest of the sets. A couple tech issues, but clipped those out. Still about three hours of jams.

Shout out to everybody making their voices heard during this time. Hopefully we can actually turn some of this pain into real change. We’re far, far past due in changing how authorities are not being held accountable for systemic racism and murder. It’s maddening.

speak onion – scratch out the mirror
coco bryce – smoke screen
bennelux – we are here
bennelux – lockin it down
bennelux – mysterious vibes
the sentinel – awakening
visages – memories
alix perez – black spirit
machinedrum – braided leaves
nwa – fuck the police (h.a.m. flip)
data_haven – utopia
zebra katz – ima read (slick shootah remix)
five star hotel – history of survelliance
ivy lab – cake (shades remix)
cvn – seabed
mingo + kavern – burn
jimmy edgar – bent
ivoryghost – futurae
kavern – nebula
aemit – katabatik
liebniz – speed
commodo – loanshark
inodi, pholo, kareful – second sword vip
riki – napoleon
ortrotasce – false image
villa nah – envelope
el deux – computer – madchen
kiss of the whip – dark rooms
silent wraith – silent em
214 – soapdish
lucy cliche – cliche’s principle
maschine brennt – the language computer (v2 remix)
bass kittens – rare bread
panther modern – creep
xeno & oaklander – marble
second voice – living in paradise
guyer’s connection – pogo of techno
depeche mode – master & servant
lebanon hanover – the last thing
trisome 21 – the last song
ian martin – hybrid lotus
ky voss – swallow the batteries
korine – feel the pain
new order – blue monday
kontravoid – not your dream
visitor – disseminate
the invincible limit – push (new mix)
krush – house arrast
pretty poison – catch me i’m falling
ectomorph – skin
lowfish – dark matter
gosub – blind world
dj stingray – erbB4 (remix)
salem – frost
osias – heartbeat
roilly – skyscrapers
deadcrow – mw1
skeler – on my own
kludde – pandora
charli xcx -anthems
riki – earth song
omd – electricity
linear movement – night in june

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