Friday, May 8th…
LazerCrunk brings you Keebs’ birthday bash….
plus the one and only…
Miami Bass, Bermuda Triangle Bad Boy…

monkey town – ipecac – schematic
bermuda triangle / miami / earth

Hailing from a hidden dimension within our own, Otto Von Schirach brings the Bermuda Triangle bass to our doorsteps like a gift of papayas, mangos and guanábana to the gods. Otto’s musical and audio background is extremely deep, having done sound design for some major audio production companies and touring extensively throughout the world. Originally becoming known for his high energy, spastic breakcore, in recent years Otto’s came back to his roots: Miami Bass. Known for his huge on-stage personality, over-the-top outfits and extreme originality, Otto’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


Representing the Lost Tribe of the Golden Triangle, Cutups and Keebs will set the evening off right in celebration of Keebs’ birthday.

$8 cover, 10p-2a, 21+
brillobox – 4104 Penn Ave.

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  • cutups says:

    This ruled guys. Great night. Here’s my setlist:
    here’s my setlists from the night. thanks for raging!
    le dom – oazis
    bombardier & redhat – feral
    electromeca – bubble & rusk
    logos & mumdance – move your body
    front 242 – headhunter
    2ndsun- freeq the p
    escore krist – body work
    big dope p – ibogance (ikonika remix)
    replicant – drifter
    korma – orloj (liar remix)
    funtcase – everybody knows
    hecka – what are you now
    lido & canblaster – alarm clock
    813 – spaces (ganz remix)
    alexandres – don’t know me
    ganz – dino war
    foreign beggars – bankjob (ghosttown rmx)
    big dope p – get dat money
    jawz – vertex
    conrank – seattle
    yellow claw & ayden – till it hurts
    coone – into the madness (yellow claw remix)
    pzg & dubsknit – stupid days
    english muffin – the blood of an english muffin
    squarepusher – baltang arg
    lil boosie – wipe me down
    beastie boys – girls (dom dias bootlet)
    redlight – gold teeth
    keys & krates – are we faded (remix)
    manix – feel real good (remix)
    krome & time – manic stampeded (dj hype)
    electroset – how does it feel (theme from techno blues0
    world class art thieves – love 3 you
    bass selective – psychosis
    rachel green – no way feat. tt the artist
    2 live crew – me so horny
    guerilla speakerz – liberta
    rl grime – acrylics (rl grime edit)
    rustie – slasherr
    hood internet – move that triad
    sophie – lemonade

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