Friday December 9th, 2016

///Time Travel Party///

with special guest

blogtotheoldschool / 8205 / boston
mixing up acid, classic rave, uk hardcore, jungle, modern club

A monster record collector and music explorer, Dev/Null shot to noteriety making intense, spastic rave-influenced breakcore in the early 2000s. Since then he has been running one of the best blogs exploring the early days of uk hardcore, rave and jungle, leading to a regular radio show alongside tim reaper, and founding the 8205 that puts out previously unreleased material from that era. His breadth of quality electronic music knowledge is vast, so expect a trip through time touching on classic house, acid, uk hardcore, jungle, ghetto tek, modern club and whatever else fits in the mix!

plus resident Time Cops on duty

Time Travelers from every period unite and make your way to Brillobox for this very special Lazercrunk. Dress in the style of any era of your choosing (past, present, future), while our djs bounce across the history of dance music from hip-hop to electro, rave, jungle, blog house, lazercrunk classics and future jams. The future depends on you!

$5 / 10PM – 2AM / 21+

4104 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA

Lazercrunk takes place (most) every 2nd friday and features the best in fun, new, anything-goes bass music with touring and local guest performers, fun themes, live lazers and other wackyness in the club.

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