Eighteenth mix in the #ILLUSIONS mix series,
Recorded for Halloween 2019
mixed by cutups

dark echos from obsidian pools and blackened portals

More info:

Ossa Coronata – Ghosts Dragging A Corpse
Badass Wolf Shirt – Candle For The Devil (@badasswolfshirt)
Belief Defect – Disembarking Horizons (@beliefdefect)
Alex & Toyko Rose – Strngr (@alexofficialuk)
Aspect – Stand Clear (@aspectog)
Overlook – Sleight of Hand (@osirismusic-uk)
Slasher Dave – Detroit 1984 (The Night Before) (@user-810080733)
Mega Drive – Terror Eyes (@megadrivemusic)
Sidewalks and Skeletons – Alice Practice (@jakeleeismyname)
FacexHugger – Neon Death (@facexhugger)
Estado Critico – Don’t Care About Anything (@metamoto)
Cardinal & Nun – Your Bones (@cardinalandnun)
Diasiva – Meson (@diasiva)
Flesh – Heresy (@fleshhorrornoisebeat)
HlfMssd – Delusion (@half-massed)
Wolf Arm – Wire Veins (@wolf-arm)
VHS Glitch – Until The Last Drop of Blood (@vhs-glitch)
Neud Photo – Suspicion (@neudphoto)
Autumns – Notice Me (@autumns)
We Are Magonia – Electric Guillotine (@wearemagonia)
Neuromancer – Apollo (@user-249970150)
Broken English Club – Vermin (@brokenenglishclub)
Aemit – Devourer (@aemitofficial @fleisch-berlin)
Multiple Man – High On The Hog (@multipleman)
Magnified Desire – Dead Flowers (@magnifieddesire)
Alessandro Adriani & Michel Amato – The Language of Numbers (@alessandro-adriani-mnq)
Catharsis – Perception Through the Circle
Reka – Diving The Innermost (@rebeca)
Ye Gods – Becoming (@antonmaiof)
Badass Wolf Shirt – Julia II
Redemption – Embrace (@rdmptnmusic)
Zomb – Celestial (@xxxxzomb)
R@ – Cardi (@plasmaabuse)
W/Out – They Saw Us Living There (@thisiswithout)
Pearl White – Solflare (w/ Niteboi) (@pearlywhite)
Yamo – Gemini
Dotmpeg – Chronos (@dotmpeg)
Deadcrow – Interlinked (@deadcrxw)
She Past Away – Disko Ankslyete (@shepastaway-music)
Silent EM – Don’t Crash So Fast (@silentem)
Twin Tribes – Fantasmas
Witches Rune – Twilight
Deadcrow – End World
Ainoma – November, 2019 (@lexrif)

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