We’re getting a head start with this one! Here’s a lineup of folks we’ve wanted to get to Pittsburgh for some time!

Renick Bell (UIQ, Seagrave, Halcyon Veil) [Tokyo]
Renick Bell is a computer musician, programmer, and teacher living in Tokyo, Japan. He is a graduate of the doctoral program at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. His current research interests are live coding, improvisation, and algorithmic composition using open source software. He is the author of Conductive, a library for live coding in the Haskell programming language.

William Fields (Conditional, NOREMIXES) [Philadelphia]
William Fields (b.1977) is an artist, musician, and composer whose work explores algorithmic composition and audio-visual correspondence in the context of real-time improvisational live performance.

Father of Two (In Training) [Pittsburgh/Cleveland]
co-resident/organizer at In Training, a queer electronic music monthly in cleveland, ohio. exploring and solidifying the connection between the energy and aesthetics of midwestern dance music, uk soundsystem culture, and wider global club sounds.

+ DXGPVWZ (Spednar Ɨ Arsonist) Generative A/V +

$10 Pre-sale / $15 Door

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