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  • cutups says:

    Looking to tell the story behind some flyers a bit more with some of these. Geotheory was one of those artist we booked by hearing their music, loving it, and reaching out to them directly. Like many artists we’ve worked with, they didn’t have a press kit. There are times when that is useful for different assets, but generally I enjoy creating something from scratch. I tracked down a high quality image of them to use – I generally like to give people some reference point on the artist. As far as the front and overall design – when hearing their music, I thought of a vibrant color gradient, so wanted to go with something colorful and harmonious. Ended up playing in photoshop until this pattern emerged.

    Once I had a high res (300dpi+) PSD, then I made separate copies for the print version using size templates from NextDayFlyers, a banner version and a .png for web promotion.

    I believe for this we did a run of 500 – which is typical for a smaller night, and plenty to cover our hand-to-hand flyering.

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