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[MIX] Cutups – Phuture Perfect guest mix 2017

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Cutups mix for Phuture Perfect
Recorded Monday June 20th 2017

straight razor – the adversary
microlith – another way
oddlogic – hex
my nu leng & krywolf – what you feel (feat kiko bun)
otik – acne downs
low pulse – metatron
zeke beats – starbound
dalhas umai – monark
plant42 – fluid reasoning
shinra – coslin
special request – redrum
dwaallicht – sigil 118
vaetxh – us amoung stars
sekko – boxes
sorsari – sacred
analogical force – debt loop
daed – focal plan
mnlth – traffic
carfinlow – atomic level
traffik – ammonia party
g jones – helix
zeke beats – dispatch
traxman – slash time
dalhas umai – knight dance
dj earl – gettin blowed
hydrecta – seagate
taso feat dj rashad & spin – am track
neuropunk – dat astral plane
ivy lab – eyes down
tvb – heart skips a beat
moresounds – ruff times
pzg & dubsknit – music for da yolks
emel – aenigma
o9 – terminal red

started out thinking i’d play a mix of ebm, techno and acid, but as often is the case,
i go one way and flow another. lots of electro and acid in there, but also danced into
my lazercrunk crates for a few weirder bass tunes, a slice or five of footwork and eventually an idm classic.
splits the difference between what i might play at home and in the club.

MIX – Cutups – Blacktop Vol. 2

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promo mix recorded for the BLACKTOP night
happening in Pittsburgh PA on Thursday June 29th, 2017


stray – blink
solotek & al pack – float so high
cesrv – alive
taso feat rashad and spin – am track
neuropunk – dat astral plan
stayhigh – undxground
pablo dread x bsn posse – what the funk
lefty x sideswipe – bad girlz
snkls – falling in love
dj orange julius – out on the floor
carbon stereo – cia
rashad, spin and paypal – do you wanna be mine
anna morgan – mi gyal dem
druthers & drips – hit em
touchy subject – creationz
sam binga – BFT
navigator – junglist sound
serial killaz, tenor fly, blackout jay – murder ya sound (uk jungle mix)
dj hybrid – all ganjaman
johnnny osbourne – lend me
digid – gun talk
d’cruze – big up
etta – let me tell you
dj orange julius – skkrtt
dj mc – we used to care
rootless – tell me the truth (feat. hes)
michael jackson – human nature (makoto and specialist remix)
bsn posse x slept on – nothin’ but u

thursday june 29th

hot off the streets
a night of footwork and jungle
rough, smooth, urban, soulful vibes


preview mixes

no cover! / 21+

come to move yr feet

The Smiling Moose (upstairs)
1306 E Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA


Thu June 29th BLACKTOP w/ 0h85, Keeb$, Spednar, Cutups @ Smiling Moose (upstairs)

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thursday june 29th

hot off the streets
a night of footwork and jungle
rough, smooth, urban, soulful vibes


preview mixes

no cover! / 21+

come to move yr feet

The Smiling Moose (upstairs)
1306 E Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA


LAZERCRUNK w/ Slick Shoota (Teklife / Mad Decent) +

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Friday March 10th 2017

back at brillo


teklife / mad decent / oslo, norway
High energy footwork and jungle infused bass music!

and residents

$7 / 10PM – 2AM / 21+

4104 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA

LAZERCRUNK is a club night that was founded in 2008 on the principle of bringing the best in fun, new, anything-goes bass music with touring and local guest performers, fun themes, live lazers and other wackyness in the club.

For 2017, we’ve decided to break out of the mold of the past several years, and alter our format to mix things up and bring some fresh energy. Going forward we’ll be having four quarterly nights at our original home base, BRILLOBOX (Mar, June, Sept, Dec) and four quarteryly nights at the original ultra-dive, BELVEDERES (Feb, May, Aug, Nov). We’re also re-dedicated to bringing in unique visuals and themes that you won’t see at any other regular event, as well as keeping pushing things forward with top quality guests, both touring and local. Beyond that, we’ll never take ourselves too seriously – LAZERCRUNK is all about letting loose and having fun.

Slick Shoota is an Oslo-based producer known for producing high energy club hybrids. His productions take inspiration from a myriad of sources, among them Chicago’s footwork and the UK’s jungle and a host of other types of club music. With his productions he has carved out a unique sound that bridges both historical and geographical gaps, a sound that is well defined and exploratory at the same time.

Together with Skawr and Drippin he runs acclaimed club night and label Ball ‘Em Up, which has seen success in Norway, hosting performers like Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones, Visionist, Jam City and Yung Lean. This eclectisism in the club night’s guests is also reflected in Slick’s performances, digging for tracks on the internet for hours on end to keep his sets unpredictable and entertaining.

Slick has received support from several notable producers and dj’s, like Scratcha DVA, Machinedrum, Oneman, B. Traits, Monki, DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad and the whole Teklife Crew. In November 2015 it was announced that Slick Shoota would join the legendary Teklife crew as an official member.

Slick Shoota has released music across top labels in the bass music scene, and been lauded as one of FACT Magazines favourite remixers and received a glowing review of the Mad Decent released single ‘F Dat’ on Pitchfork. In summer 2015, Slick Shoota joined Noisey for an installment in their ’48 Hour Mixtape’ documentary series. For two days he was joined by a camera crew, documenting his collaborations and productions with other producers and artists in Oslo. The resulting EP features collaborations with Drippin, Boska, Purpurr Purple and Samsaya.

Thurs Nov 3rd BXC + CS Present Machine Girl, Five Star Hotel, Elle Excess, Tall Timber, Nancy Drone @ Cattivo

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The bXc Collective and Cosmic Sound present an array of all-live electronic/sonic delights including:

Machine Girl (Orange Milk Records, Dred Collective)

Five Star Hotel (Visual Disturbances)
“confessional, [] cathartic, [] paranoid, and [] emotionally scarred. [] power electronics and harsh distorted screaming, as well as blown-out trance melodies and pummeling bass”
– Decoder

Elle Excess (Purple & Pink, La Squadra)
transgenre improvised beat �

Tall Timber (Future Body Sound)
melodic drill-n-bass

Nancy Dr0ne (La Squadra)
Plush, moody, ambient dreamscape beats

Visuals: Parcel (Spednar + MORGANTICS)

8pm Door
8:30 Music

Blacktop w/ Cutups & 0h85 [rough & smooth footwork + jungle]

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thursday sept 22nd

hot off the streets
a night of footwork and jungle
rough, smooth, urban, soulful vibes

with selectors
Cutups & 0h85

preview mixes

no cover / 21+

come to move yr feet

The Goldmark
4517 Butler St,
Pittsburgh, PA



Week of July 19th – Blotter

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I slacked on these for a long time, but I’m looking to bring them back, along with a couple new projects that I’ll announce over the next several weeks.

First thing, I started a new forum.

It’s open topic, moderated, and vaguely Pittsburgh based (for now). It’s based on the modern Discourse forum software, which is pretty nice.
Check it out, sign up, post away yr problems.

On to what’s up this week.


Massive noise / experimental fest in Millstone WV this weekend, starting Thursday.


Tusco/Embassy Press presents…
in conjunction with 905 Tapes / Rubber City Noise / experimedia

Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 7
VOV7 — JULY 23–26 2015 — MILLSTONE WV

From North: :
From South:
Smoother Alternative from 77:

Forma//Mister Matthews//Rodger Stella//Lexi Mountain//Mark McGuire//Headboggle w/ Hillboggle//Laundry Room Squelchers//Panicsville//Guardian Alien//Imaginary Softwoods//Long Distance Poison//Tatsuya Nakatani//Nick Klein//Angela Sawyer//Crank Sturgeon//Leslie Keffer w/ Sharkiface and Fletcher Pratt//Quicksails//Glacial23// Khaki Blazer//Styrofoam Sanchez//Clang Quartet//Baat//Shingles//Whorlweaver//Jenny Moon Tucker w/ Pony Payroll Bones//ADT//Ian McColm/Nate Scheible//Fire Death//Ryan Jewell //Nows//Fluxmonky//Brett Naucke//Eartheater//Ben Bennett//Moltar//Chillem Dafoe//Trogpite//Karl Vorndran//Strep Torso//Greg Fox//Indek//Sugarm//Hunted Creatures//Mousecop//Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman//HolyKindOf//Zack Kouns//Machine Listener//Bag 90//Power Monster//FleshControl//Close Your Eyes I’m Changing//Secret Boyfriend//Good Willsmith//Radio Shock//9-Volt Haunted House//Hood Ghandy//Breakdancing Ronald Reagan//John Doe USA//Sound Out Light //Boy Harsher//Shredderghost//Layne Garrett//hicksoncompactgroup//Jack Smiley//Hatchers//Strange Brew//Adam Miller//Brat Pitt//Cestine//Gator Boi//Aunt’s Analog//Floral Print in the Woods

DJ Soaking Wet
DJ Radiopeople
DJ Dr. Quinn
DJ Roadchief
DJ Phil Dagaps

***get tickets @


A variety of local producers on the DME agency playing at Cattivo. Looking forward to peeping 0h85 who is doing some great footwork tunes.

a DME thing

800 Slowdanger
830 Good Dude Lojack
900 Telavision
930 0h85

Sets will be short so don’t be late
8 sharp

146 44th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201



Monster SQUAD screening at the Hollywood on friday!


Join the Hollywood Theater and Horror Realm in welcoming actor Andre Gower in person for a special presentation of his 1987 film THE MONSTER SQUAD, the horror comedy film written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker and directed by Fred Dekker (who also wrote and directed Night of the Creeps). It was released by Tri-Star Pictures on August 14, 1987. The film features the Universal Monsters (re-imagined by a team of special effects artists including Stan Winston), led by Count Dracula. They, in turn, combat a group of savvy kids out to keep them from controlling the world.

Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for seniors (65+)/kids under 12/students with valid ID and $5 for theater members.

Autographs available for a separate charge.

You can also meet Andre at Horror Realm Con & Pop Expo that same weekend. Convention admission is not included in the film ticket

Interesting art/experimental show at Modern Formations…


__Muyassar Kurdi [Chicago] “Multi-instrumentalist Muyassar Kurdi flits across the Chicago scene as a benevolent fixture of DIY shows, informal house jams, and magick rituals, glimpsed in the corner of a dim room swaying under a veil to the rhythms pouring from the PA. Her own solo output under her given name and the Humminbird moniker spans a wide range of drone, noise, and ambient experimentation, animated by her keening vocal delivery and the tones of her autoharp processed into sheets of reverbed caterwaul. Her irregular tunings and heavy effects manipulation render the autoharp an atonal self-accompanist, possessed of fine-grain details and a mix-consuming dynamic range that fixes our attention somewhere between claustrophobic discomfort and liberation. Kurdi’s voice escapes in a theatrical bellow that evokes Diamanda Galás’s plague mass invocations as it floats over the din in clear and ringing tones.”
-Tiny Mix Tapes

__Bradley Bailey [NYC] throat singer, jazz guitarist, traveler extraordinaire

__Ricardo Iamuuri
“Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson is an audio visual artist. His work explores the relationship between sound, object and space. He is founder and owner of SONARCHEOLOGY STUDIOS, a recording studio dedicated to creating audio tours, Foley art, sound compositions, audio books and scores for film and theater. His work has been funded by The Pittsburgh Foundation and the Lyman Fund, and featured in the Emmy Award-winning documentaries In Country: Vietnam and Jim Crow Pennsylvania. He has also recorded & released two full-length albums: Conversations with Shepherds, Sheep, Guinea Pigs and Monkeys: Nursery Rhymes for the Underfed Minds, Vol. 1 and Conversations w/ Aliens, Automatons, Paper Kings and Plastic Dreams: Nursery Rhymes for the Unfettered Minds, Vol. 2. He is based in Pittsburgh, where he lives with his daughter, Amiel.”

__Mike Tamburo
“Pittsburgh’s Mike Tamburo (Brother Ong) is a multi- instrumentalist, who plays hammered dulcimer, shahi baaja, gong, guitar, autoharp, swarmandal and a slew of effects. He is greatly inspired by American folk and minimalist music traditions as well as Indian classical music.”

__Anna Azizzy
Exploring an inability to think, feel, or progress through sculpture, noise, and performance. Anna is studying Experimental Theater and Sculptural Performance at Carnegie Mellon University.

Muyassar Kurdi, Bradley Bailey, and Mike Tamburo will close out the night with an improvised trio.

Modernformations Gallery
4919 Penn ave

Modern Formations has wonderful artwork on display. Take a nice look.


Then, later a really cool show of remixed tunes from 80’s sci-fi…


“In the year 2980, mankind thought every last sample was taken. They were wrong…”

Firehazard Studios x Dominant Force x Aud-Art present:
Fri July 24th, 9pm @ Spirit Lounge (242 51st St)

✦ /// MR. OWL x SPAED
✦ /// visuals by KYLE THE SAINT

Wreck League is a custom remix party series which takes particular themes within cinema and pop culture and brings them to the dance floor for a one-night show. The rules are simple: we select a theme, and participating producers dig for sample material within the spectrum to remix. We play this material for one-time use to give attendees something they cannot find online. Audio and visual source material are weaved together, bringing in visual themes which match the music. From Hollywood classics to obscure foreign films, we promise to bring you every explosion, synth and laser you can handle in one action-packed night.

✦ 4 hours of original music from 4 remixers, sourcing samples from vinyl/VHS/CD/DVD soundtracks of 1980s sci fi films

✦ FREE Wreck League: 8089SF soundtrack ONLY AT THE DOOR includes 1 hour of selections – the other 3 hours of original beats played live will not be available anywhere, so BE THERE!

✦ Full VHS-quality video productions courtesy of Kyle the Saint

✦ Floor shaking bass cabinets




Curated is a cross platform audiovisual event that combines live visual art with music to deliver a unique sensory experience. The musicians in each showcase are hand picked, mixing and matching artists from various genres and regions. Join us as we celebrate the first installment.

$10 entry
free drinks


Medhane///Slauson Malone (NYC)


Wise Blood w/ special guest Moon Baby (DOVECOTE / PGH)



Julie is a multimedia artist and VJ working with live visuals & projection mapping, video & animation, printmaking and sound. She has exhibited and performed her work nationally in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City and the San Francisco Bay.


BOOM CONCEPTS is an an art and performance space used for creative events, community meetings, film screenings, workshops and July’s premiere day parties: BOOM after Brunch. BOOM Concepts is run by the Magic Organs Studio, Jenesis Magazine and Re:Innovating LLC, working across multiple arts platforms to provide a safe and productive space in Garfield.

BOOM Concepts
5139 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224



Live balkan band Tipsy Oxcart joins forces w/ Pandemic for a night of BALKAN DANCE MUSIC

9:30pm start

4104 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

Assorted Slogans/Taglines
“Electric, Sweaty, Bumpin’ Balkan Music”
“Hot Balkan Originals & Tricked Out Traditionals”
“Funky Mediterranean Madness”

Our bio:

Tipsy Oxcart plays electric, sweaty, bumpin’ Balkan music, channeling the spirit of 36 hour weddings to keep the crowds dancing until the sun comes up. Serving up originals and fresh, upbeat arrangements of urban dance tunes, the band deviously infuses the sounds of South-Eastern Europe with elements of funk, rock, and jazz. Dig naughty violin solos, atomic accordion grooves, freak-out clarinet, and the baddest rhythm section this side of the Mediterranean. A party with Tipsy Oxcart is guaranteed to shake the dance floor all night long!



Sunday July 26, 8pm $8 adv/$10 door
Thunderbird Cafe, 4023 Butler St, Lawrenceville


with Supastition

DJ Rare Groove

MC Koala Tea

and Joey Smooth

Al Shepard is better known by his stage name Blueprint, as an acclaimed indie hip-hop artist from Columbus, OH and a founder of Weightless Recordings. He is one-half of the duo Soul Position with producer RJD2 and a member of the group Greenhouse Effect with rapper Illogic. Blueprint began to reach a wider audience in 2002 when he appeared on “Final Frontier” from RJD2’s debut album Deadringer. Since then, he has released two albums with RJD2 as Soul Position, and several solo albums on Rhymesayers Entertainment, including 1988 (2005) and Adventures in Counter-Culture (2011). In 2014, he released his latest album, Respect the Architect on Weightless Recordings, which was given a 9/10 rating by Rap Reviews. Over his career, Blueprint has appeared as a guest on over three dozen tracks by other artists, including the likes of Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Eyedea & Abilities, Vast Aire, Mr. Lif, Jake One, Abstract Rude, Solillaquists of Sound, Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils, J. Rawls and Blockhead.

Really great atmospheric black metal show in a house space on monday. Highly recommended.


Monday night Madness presented by the house of the Low voice

July 27th, 2015
8pm music, $10 bucks (3 touring bands)
$1 beers, $5 buck six packs, food (donations accepted)

Volahn // Black Twilight Circle preeminent facet, Los Angeles.

Vorde // Haunting atmospheric black metal, NYC

Bukkake Moms // Confusing chaos brimming with clarity, Denton, TX

White Rifle // GOOF BOYS, Pittsburgh, PA

Taphos Nomos // War driven funeral doom, Pittsburgh, PA

Dendritic Arbor // Dark music, as always, Pittsburgh, PA

RSVP on here and PM them for the details…

MIX: Cutups – Tachyon Bubblin (2014) [footwork – jungle – bass]

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Cutups – Tachyon Bubblin by Cutups on Mixcloud

Cutups – Tachyon Bubblin

a new mix of fast forward bass science
footwork + jungle + juke + bass

run the jewels – close your eyes
red army – creature dub
loxy & resound – paradigms
artificial intelligence – warhorse
danny scrilla – the rift
seafloor – feelings gone
mercstreet – into outerspace
arts the beatdoctor – moebius travels (julien mier remix)
rockwell – ineedu
the renegades – feel me
the dok – strings of life 94
machinedrum – hard 2 be
enei – hot plate
fidser – got my bottle
clams casino – i’m god (p-80 footwork remix)
earl & taye – do this again
silent witness – fields
rl grime – valhalla (feat djemba djemba)
dj pound – shoulder lick machine (mad zach remix)
quarta 330 – hanabi
6bloc – check the step (abstract)
dj spinn & taso – burn that kush
morphy – suspension dub
swindle – walter’s call
gillepsy – i’m web
dub phizix & strategy – buffalo charge
dubsknit – whacha gonna do
bass science – love me more
slagz & suspect bitch – 4 18s
bsn posse & pointa – we do
templa – fracture
zed bias – shizam ft stylo g (sam binga remix)
chimpo – out an bad
manni dee & deft – this one, the art of the possible
stray – la zoom
dntel – if i stay a minute
kutz – the bridge
ruffhouse – greyscale
somejerk – quantum funk
beastie respond – one more second
synkro – the way
dbridge – not known
keiska – love mind blank
cameron alan – analogic
goreshit – ring trapper
tielsie – hueboy (dj clap remix)
dj earl – time
gunjack – in da club
moondoctor x freshtilldef – gettin paid
dj rashad – let it go
sonic d – not rich not famous